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Ideologies without a homeland against the New Turkey

The meeting at Yenikapı was dynamic enough to be the foundation of the “New Turkey.” The terms “country, nation, flag and adhan (the call to prayer)” have become the most important terms in our lives. This was such a grand and effective show of solidarity that it will be remembered for many years to come by our nation and the world.

Now, take a look at Turkey's largest three enemy organizations. Neither of them have a concrete sense of state. Ideological organizations that do not have a sense of belonging to a state, therefore do not have a sense of nation or religion. If we comprehend this, we will then understand how these organizations can savagely kill people, commit mass massacres, bomb cities and demolish national values.

Let's take a close look.

FETÖ: Where is the Gülenist ideology's homeland?

Although the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) originates from Turkey, Turkey is one of the 170 countries where they have established themselves. In one of his speeches, FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen had asked for the Ottoman map to be brought down saying, “it restricts my imagination.” A leading figure in the FETÖ community had said, "We do not operate in Turkey only; we are in 170 countries. And Turkey is only one of them." This clearly shows that they see themselves distant from Turkey's ideologies.

When I spoke to the veterans of the July 15 coup attempt, they all said that they saw something different in the eyes of the soldiers shooting at them: "They were staring into our faces like infidels and shooting."

You would have to be in a different state of mind to be able to bomb your own country's Parliament, bomb your police with 600 kilograms of explosives and bomb your public from helicopters. You would only be able to do this if you did not perceive your country as yours, your nation as yours and your religious fellows.

The term “homeland” is grey in FETÖ's ideological code. While organizing throughout the World, FETÖ has “continent leaders,” and Gülen himself is the “universe leader.” Obviously the world limits Gülen's imagination too. Gülen has created his own “nation” and “religion” notions. It is otherwise impossible for someone to bomb his own country and nation.

PKK: Where is national socialist Kurdistan located?

The Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) initial ideology was supposed to be supporting the oppressed Kurdish people and founding Kurdistan. Interestingly, their national socialism has nothing to do with the Kurds or the history of Kurdistan. The term “country” was grey for them. They hoped to establish a Kurdistan comprised of Turkish, Syrian, Iran and Iraq soil.

However, the PKK aggrieved Kurds the most. They exiled 100,000 Kurds in Syria to Iraq, because they did not share the same ideology.

The PKK burned down 500 villages in Iraq because they did not share their ideology, according to a statement by the Barzani administration. They bombed 10 cities in Turkey including Sur and Cizre, killing many people and leading 400,000 Kurds to relocate.

Well, where does the notion “country” stand for them? Who is in their “nation” concept? What does the term “religion” mean other than gathering people together? It is always easier to commit mass murders and destruct towns and cities when you are not burdened with the meanings of these notions.

Daesh: Nomad

Daesh, which is probably the bloodiest, most mysterious and merciless terror organization throughout history, does not have a notion of belonging to a country ever. Is it a coincidence that the land they call “Islamic State” is also the land that reserves petrol and natural gases?

Daesh is an organization that does not recognize the terms “nation, religion or ummah.” Just like FETÖ, Daesh, too, has its own ideology that is programmed to demolish any ideology opposing it. Although Daesh is said to be anti-Shiite, they are known to have killed more Sunni oppositions than any other group, and have committed most of their attacks in Turkey.

Blind ideologies never have a 'homeland' concept

None of the concepts of the three organizations of homeland, nation and religion concepts are like what we understand. All three organizations have perceived everyone as the enemy due to their different understanding of these concepts.

FETÖ has been estranged to the “country, religion and nation” concepts through its “community ideology,” just like the PKK estranged itself with National Socialism and Daesh through the external ideology it adopted.

All of these blind ideologies are without a “homeland.” The “homeland” concept gives a person a sense of belonging, mercy and protectiveness. On the other hand, being without a “homeland” causes these organizations to be pitiless and heartless.


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