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Immunity-Kilis-Daesh...Let's not miss the truth

There are three issues that we cannot recompense even if we discuss and praise them every day.

There are almost 300,000 people who have fallen into the situation of refugees in Sur, Cizre, Yüksekova, Şırnak and Nusaybin because of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terror.
Thousands of these people could not find their houses when they returned, since they were destroyed.
Now put yourselves into the shoes of those people. Your home, properties, shops and all your belongings have been destroyed all of a sudden.
What should you do? Not finished yet. Outlawed PKK murderers have been threatening you with death since you left the districts and did not revolt against the state. Do you understand the kind of life it is?
The Kurdish people here did not revolt even for a single day, they did not take to the streets, betray their country and did not refer to their country as criminal.
These brave and heroic people should be commemorated every day.


Rockets hit Kilis every day. To date we have lost 20 of our citizens. Kilis has a population of 93,000 people, the number of Syrians in the city is 130,000. The city has been established to accommodate a population of 115,000 people, but it now has 220,000 people. There are no houses or places of business in the city. They have to share everything. Daesh has been especially attacking there. The reason is that they want the local people there to say, “the bombs are exploding because of you” and attack Syrians, leading to possible civil war and chaos.
Despite all the attacks, indictments and provocations, the people of Gaziantep did not revolt a single day, take to the streets, attack the Syrians, betray their county or blame their government.
We should remember these heroic people every day.

We have been receiving news of new martyrdom by on a daily basis since the beginning of PKK terror again. Soldiers, police, rangers, officers...
It is not that easy to see your children, fathers or spouse as martyrs at a young age.

But when the country, nation and flag are in question, the heroes have been sacrificing themselves.

Now look at the martyr funerals.
Look at the mothers, spouses, fathers and children who suffer greatly and who were stabbed in the heart.

Have you seen any revolt? Look at those crowds bidding farewell to the martyrs, look at the people of that city, have you seen any revolt? Look at the
brothers in arms of those martyrs.
Did they say “enough” (like the soldiers and police in Baghdad) and say “I am not fighting”?

They did not object to their country and state, they hit and fought and have been bid farewell as heroes.
Here the heroism of those families of martyrs should be told and respected every day.

Why is Daesh attacking?

Let's keep these three issues in our minds and then talk about few other issues. Daesh has been attacking Kilis, blasting suicide bombers in Gaziantep and saying that it will increase the attacks. Why?

Because, first, the measures taken by Turkey dealt a major blow to the organization. The organization has been weakening with the operations at airports, borders and in cities. Second, being a part of the coalition forces is not enough to target Turkey. Third, even if the organization has been doing all it can by using religious sentiments and local people, it could not achieve what it wanted. The acts of suicide bombing are the biggest indicator of the organization's desperation. As the last-ditch effort it is trying to motivate its supporters.

What is Turkey's Daesh plan?
1. Turkey has cut the human and logistic support to Daesh through tight security measures and it will continue this.

2. By supporting the opposition in Syria it is pushing Daesh south and away from the Turkish border.

3. By giving the coordinates of Daesh positions, it has been providing the air bombardments there. (But the coalition cannot make the expected effective bombing. I will write the reason later.)

4. Turkey has bought a new missile system from the US. They will be replaced in the region soon.

Immunity… The suicide bombing of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP),
all these topics are related with each other. Let me explain.

We can liken the attitude of the HDP on the immunity issue and turning the Constitutional Commission into a battlefield to the suicide attacks of the PKK and Daesh. Because of the desperation, HDP has been committing political suicide. It defended the trench wars, the PKK attacks and lost the support of the Kurdish people; it could not make them revolt and finally it has been playing its last card by showing violence in Parliament.

Similar to the PKK and Daesh, they lost hope and have been trying to encourage their supporters through acts of violence and suicide attacks.

The point is:

In this country, Turks, Kurds and Arabs have been united against the civil war in a way which has never been seen before. The security bureaucracy of this country has united in a way which has never been seen before to end terror.

Thanks to the heroes that I mentioned earlier, all the organizations that failed to start a civil war through suicide attacks want to demoralize the people so it can gain motivation.

Don't miss the truth, don't be confused. God willing, terror and the side effects of terror will end as long as these alliances and solidarity continue. It is also a notice to those who are busy with artificial and unnecessary agendas in Ankara.


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