It’s time to be scared - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

It’s time to be scared

Do not underestimate the war in Yemen. An unnamed “Arab Sunni Coalition” has been formed under the lead of Saudi Arabia and they are fighting against the Houthis, who are supported by Iran, with a joint air strike. There are already making preparations for a joint army also. What does this mean?

It's only a matter of time before an armed army of the coalition, which is formed through the reaction against Iran, enters Yemen, rather than a joint force of a traditional formation like the Arab League or Islam Cooperation Organization. The virtual name of this formation is called the “Arab Sunni Coalition Force”, which might give birth to dangerous results if there are no precautions taken against it.

A segment in every country is being provoked

We should name this correctly; the Islam world is experiencing a Shi'ite – Sunni sect war at the moment, which had already turned into armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. As for Lebanon, Bahrain, Turkey, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia; there is a chaotic environment being set up for this sect conflict.

Alewites are being provoked in Turkey. The DHKP-C organization, who had taken a prosecutor as a hostage yesterday, is a rooted organization.

Zaidis in Yemen, Arab/Bedu Shi'ites in Bahrain and Saudi Arabi, Persian/Arab Shi'ites in Lebanon, Hazaras in Afghanistan, and Shi'ites and İsmailia sect-followers in Pakistan are being provoked in order to be dragged into this dirty war; or they are already a part of this conflict.

Who is fueling this sect war?

There are illegal Sunni formations, who are formed in order to prevent groups that could be regarded as “Gun Powder”, that can be regarded as “fire”. The common point of organizations like ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and Al Shabaab is that they possess a Salafi idea that sees Shi'ism as being equal to infidelity. All the effort is put towards causing an explosion by bringing the gun powder and fire together. The explosions in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have already been ignited; now other countries are next.

All the sect wars in the Islam world ended up with great calamities. In all the periods, when these wars had happened, Crusader armies didn't miss the chance and attacked Islamic lands. The West has always taken advantage of the weaknesses of Islamic countries.

Now, we are witnessing the beginning of a great fire that will surround the whole Islam world. This fire is gradually spreading to other countries. It will be too easy to identify this sect war as the “game of the West”. It's true that the Western intelligence agencies and institutions are putting a great effort into fueling the sect conflict and flaring it up. However, the “Shi'ite Diplomacy” is not happening due to their desire, but rather it's happening because of Iran's belief. And Saudi Arabia is also herding Wahhabism. Both countries are spending an outstanding fortune to spread their own sects.

The world of Islam had retrogressed 50 years

The Arab Spring, the Arab Winter, Syria, Iraq, Yemen civil wars and sect conflicts have set back the Islam world at least 50 years. Economically, it's not possible to calculate the cost of this war and conflict environment. It's clear that there is an outstanding cost. After all, wars and terros in the Islam countries have almost completely destroyed the already problematic development, transformation, growth, education, diplomacy and economy fields. Islam's perception is experiencing the worst condition in it's last century. We are all regarded as savages that chops off heads.

As these are happening in our countries, there are no wars or terror incidents happening in Western lands. They are neatly growing, they are selling weapons to Islamic countries to kill each other, their economies are growing and their world dominance is increasing.

While they are creating nano technology robots that will be wandering in our veins, Muslims are producing missiles from industrial tubes in Syria and Iraq and trying to kill other Muslims.

Being scared and taking precautions

The scissors in the West and Islam world have been opened this much. However, a sect war, which will be expanding to wider geographies, will cause a destruction that will affect not only us, but the next generations. The West's domination and oppression against the Islam world will turn into a century-long sovereignty.

I guess that President Erdoğan and the government had given an open reaction against Iran, since they have seen this threat. Turkey is required to swiftly ensure it's internal order and take bigger actions in the Islam world to prevent a great danger. Iran's Shi'ite expansionism has annoyed the whole Islam world, including Turkey, that's true. However, the “Arab Sunni Coalition” against this might act in the same dangerous logic. It's possible for this coalition to make a military operation in Syria and Iraq after Yemen. Let's think what Iran, who has the support of Russia and China, might do. The ones, who are thinking “they won't do anything”, possibly didn't believe when they said “Iran will invade Syria, Iraq and Yemen” four years ago.

We are now entering a period, where everyone should be scared and sort out their minds.


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