It's time to determine the sides - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

It's time to determine the sides

Whose side are you on, what's your political stance, which party do you support? Before this there is a question that needs to be asked out of the starting gate:

Are you part of the side that condemns terrorism?

Without differentiating between which terror organizations, what terror and which ideology is the reason behind the terrorism, this is a rank that we must determine. Are you part of the side that condemns terrorism without any 'buts' or any type of similar words?

Taking a stand in the name of humanity

The people who condemn terrorism and violence, the ones who will search for every type of justice on this unjustified path need to take sides now. We need a rank of humanity, a line of humanity, and a front of people who oppose terrorism and violence unconditionally and without bargaining, where people come together without asking what ideology, what political party, what ethnic origin, what religion or what congregation.

This is not a polarization; this is an unbreakable wall of conscience against the members that are fueling the polarization of terror and violence.

Terrorism is prohibited and condemned in all divine religions, all Holy Scriptures, and all humane teachings. To be against terrorism is our debt to humanity, it eradicated justice throughout the existence of mankind, and it collapsed society and corroded all valuables.

The opposition and media failed their tests with terrorism

During yesterday's attacks, the politics and the media went through a tough test. CHP's Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu, without completely understanding the hostage situation, hastily sent tweets that blamed the President, the government and MİT. Kılıçdaroğlu did mention everything from the generators to body searches, from plastic handcuffs to intelligence units,. He only forgot to mention one thing, and that was condemning terrorism; he didn't mention anything about the DHKP-C terrorist organization. After the prosecutor Kiraz was martyred, Kılıçdaroğlu sent a condolence tweet, but again did not condemn the terrorist attack, or he did not damn DHKP-C for carrying out the attack.

HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş was not seen until later that night on April 1st while these lines were being written. As for the written statement that HDP's headquarter released, just as the terrorists' actions were not condemned, condolences for the family of the murdered prosecutor were made along with the family of the terrorist. How cheap it is that including MHP, no opposition party leader attended the funeral of the Republic's prosecutor.

Politics is looking for help from violence

Actually, this is where the problem begins. Politics want to use terrorist actions, terror organizations and violence as a type of middleman. HDP and CHP by saying the government 'has made a mistake' tried to put pressure by supporting Gezi; however, they did not see that terrorism and violence was becoming allowable there.

HDP co- President Selahattin Demirtaş, who was calling the people to the streets to protest the incidents in Kobani, paved the way for the beginning of the most violent murders in the last 30 years. During the October 5-7 incidents, over 50 people lost their lives. Even though Yasin Börü and his friends were killed by getting their heads crushed by a rock, HDP and CHP did not criticize the events with any strong language; they did not say that this was terrorism. Both parties are hoping that by using violence they will come to power.

A media that praises violence

During the prosecutor's murder, some parts of the media failed the test just as the opposition did by giving all types of support to the terrorist attack with using Berkin Elvan as a cover up. Yes, you can be an AK Party opponent, an Erdoğan opponent, a Davutoğlu opponent, but if this resentment has led to a place where terrorists are praised, their actions are praised, then you have to return your press cards.

It is normal for a media member, journalist, and writer to defend a political stance. I'm a person that doesn't believe in the words objective or neutral and I won't critique. However, it is not acceptable when a writer or journalist claims he is neutral and then uses his column or career to justify terror. Today the government opposition media is made up of leftist and mostly radical Alevis. During the prosecutor's murder, this same group dominated the media. They said words that you can't even imagine, let alone say in order to justify the act of terror.

Let the sides be clear

All of this shows that violence and terrorism, causes the poisoning of media and politics. God forbid this does not cause encouragement and increase these illegal acts.

Without any discrimination, I am saying, I'm ready to stand in the same line with the people who make no excuses for any type of violence without any “buts” and without reservation. I'm ready to form a line that opposes and damns terrorism in the name of humanity.


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