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Latest Kurdish drama: Bolshevik PKK state

My Tuesday column titled "History of the deception of Kurds" received objection. My anger and grief over yesterday's Sultanahmet attack would not allow me to write on any other subject. My anger has not yet subsided, but I am continuing on with the previous topic to follow on the idea.

Professor Ergun Yıldırım called and said not all Kurdish revolts were te result of the desire to establish an ethnic Kurdish state. He stated my column could be perceived in this way and objected to it, saying my view was pro-state.

There have been similar objections.

Also, many others, like Burdur deputy Reşat Petek, supported the column and expressed the desire that they continue.

Allow me to clarify a couple matters:

1. It is wrong to say that all Kurds living in this region participated in the revolts throughout history.

2. I never claimed that the dozens of Kurdish revolts, with the first one being against the Ottoman Empire since 1806, were for an ethnic Kurdish state. Some were to pay less taxes, some for autonomy an some for identity and political rights.

3. However, I can claim that there is always a powerful state behind the Kurdish revolts (regardless of the reason), supporting, provoking and encouraging them. Not because they all love Kurds; they supported them for their own interests and once they got what they wanted, they abandoned them. It is possible that some Kurds have not realized this.

Russia's Bolshevik PKK model

After Mullah Mustafa Barzani was deceived by Russia on several occasions, he decides to cooperate with the US. He says, "Little states and little people cannot do anything on their own, they must lean on a superpower.” (1) It is so sad that superpowers have, throughout history, oppressed, exploited and made miserable those little states and those little people for their own interests. Kurds suffered the greatest pains. The ethnicity-based relations Russia established especially with nations such as Kurds, Serbs and Armenians need to be analyzed very well. (2) The statements made by Associate Professor Şener Aktürk of Koç University on a televised program we both attended on TRTKurdi, made striking points:

"Although the relations Russia established with these people appear to be supportive of ethnic nationalism and freedom, they actually eviscerates them and fills them with its own ideology while exploiting them. In its most recent relationship, Russia seems to be supportive of the PKK's Kurdish nationalism, but in reality it has filled it with a Bolshevik ideology. This atheistic ideology desires a Stalinist mode of administrations that gives the right to life to none other than itself.”

Will there be a Kurdish state or Bolshevik state in Rojava?

Is the state imagined to be established in Syria/Rojava a Kurdish state? The US is overlooking an autonomous organization here controlled by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) for the transit route of Northern Iraqi oil. But it is making a historic mistake. This is because Russia was the biggest ideological and military ally of the PKK since the beginning and, is providing full support for the foundation of a “Bolshevik PKK state” in Rojava.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) spokesman Sefin Dizayi, with whom I had the chance chat in the waiting hall last month, while President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was meeting with KRG President Nechirvan Barzani, told me, “The PKK and PYD do not give Kurds who do not share their ideology the right to live in this region. Irbil is currently filled with Kurds fleeing PKK's atrocity as much as those fleeing Daesh's atrocities. “

PKK and HDP represent leftist ideology, not Kurds

Duran Kalkan and Mustafa Karasu, who are among the most important leaders of the PKK, are not Kurdish and are some of the most important figures of the communist left ideology. The left-wing represented by these two figures is also the strongest wing in the Kurdish-Alevi-Left conflict within the PKK organization.

Figures such as Figen Yüksekdağ, Ertuğrul Kürkçü, (even if he is a pop leftist) Sırrı Süreyya Önder in the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) even though they are not Kurdish and come from the root of the leftist movement, are currently the dominant elements of the HDP and their rhetoric is the Stalinist left jargon.

In short, the PKK is not a Kurdish movement, it is an armed leftist movement. The HDP is not a party representative of Kurds, but a leftist political party that acts in coordination with the PKK, for which politics is secondary. Almost all writers and journalists supporting this movement have a leftist past. Meanwhile, Kurds living in the region are the greatest victims of the current ditch atrocity. This should not be forgotten.

Russia and Iran are going to abandon Kurds once again

HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş must have received promises important enough to burn all bridges in politics. This can be nothing other than the promise of an independent state in Rojava. Since Syrian President Bashar Assad has become a slave to Russia and Iran, he will say yes to this division and Russia and Iran (if they do not get what they want) will recognize this state.

The state to be formed will certainly be the “Bolshevik PKK State.” Today, the PYD has established flimsy systems in the cantons in that region, imitating the Soviet Russia model. All Kurds who do not adopt the PKK's leftist ideology or who do not submit to the administration, have been/will be exiled from Rojava.

We agree with Associate Professor Şener Aktürk's opinion:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is actually playing the Syria and Kurdish card for the establishment of a pro-Russia government in Ukraine. It will leave as soon as it gets what it wants from Europe. As for Iran, even if without Assad, it wants a small state in Latakia under Shiite control. They will both abandon Kurds as soon as they get what they want.

The Rojava project is nothing other than a new page of tragedy to be added to the history of the deception of Kurds. Unfortunately, it will be the Kurds who suffer the greatest difficulty again.


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