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Legionnaires' disease

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is facing a dangerous, foreign disease within the party. This disease, which is not in its tradition, culture and codes, infected the party from the outside. This is called the “Legionnaires' disease.” Allow me to explain my opinion before taking sides.

The backbone of the AK Party consists of religious, native, democratic, pan-Islamist people who have a global view. Almost all of the names that make up the engine power have a National Vision (MG) background. Despite this, people from very diverse backgrounds have also taken place in the party. As is, the party changed Turkey's fate and all political concepts, and took position in the center in a very short period of time. In addition to this, it transformed the Muslim world and established special relations with the West.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the founder and leader of the AK Party, built his own political style and organized his party accordingly. He has lost no election to date and hence, it is considered that he follows correct policies in terms of “procedure-result.”

I believe we are on the same page up to this point. I am getting to the disputed area.

AK Party's understanding of political ethics

It is normal for there to be conflict, dispute and competition within a political party and this is embedded in the nature of politics. This has happened in MG parties, other political parties and within the AK Party.

There have been disputes harsh enough to bring many major names in the AK Party to the brink of resignation. The majority of these were never revealed to the public. Because “keeping the cat in the bag” has always been a principle of the conservative line from which this party emerged. Nobody offended or above all insulted their fellow party member in public or made false statements. This is a matter of morality and the AK Party has always attached importance to it.

I have never been the subject of any important dispute within the AK Party, but I witnessed many. I can state with confidence that nothing like the disputes surrounding the party today ever happened in the past period.

Late comers to the party

In no dispute did any of the sides, particularly Erdoğan, insult one another, act out of manner or make shameful statements in media. None of the out-of-control, rude allegations or accusations made today were ever used.

Look at those who are boldly using, writing and spreading these terms today. You will see that most of them are people who are not from the AK Party tradition, who have not taken part in the struggle the party refers to as “the cause” and joined the group in recent years.

It would not be true to say that politicians in the AK Party do not argue with each other. However, the matter that blows up those disputes, exaggerates them and distinguishes them and makes them unsolvable, is the effect of third parties and Legionnaire publications. There is certainly an evil purpose and bad intention here.

Legionnaires of the Roman and French army

Roman and French armies had foreign Legionnaires who fought not for Caesar of Napoleon's dreams and ideals, but for the money they would receive. They would come from other countries, fight, take their money and return to their own country. Sometimes these people would bring along with them the diseases of their place of origin and transmit them to other soldiers. One who is not used to this type of bacteria would be seriously affected by it. This is why the Romans and French would detect the diseased Legionnaires and distance them from the army.

The AK Party contains numerous people who do not come from the same political origin. It would be injustice to place them in the same category. There are those who conformed to the party, adopted its ideals and mission and have provided great service, like the foreigners in Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Salahuddin al Ayyubi's armies.

Diseased Legionnaires

Yet it should be realized that anonymous notices, anonymous social media accounts, columns containing incredible allegations, slanders, baseless accusations, those collecting files/documents are “diseased Legionnaires” or persons poisoned by them. Just as these methods are not in the AK Party's tradition, they are methods used by its enemies and the dark forces it is fighting.

Some of these diseased people left the party, because it no longer served their interests, and became the fiercest AK Party enemies. They are now paid by someone else.

The remaining Legionnaires and some neighborhood residents who they infected with the virus, are unfortunately continuing to spread the disease in the AK Party, especially in the media, business and politics. I am sure that these people will be like the old Legionnaires who have now turned into enemies.

Maintaining the hope of the Muslim world

Sadly, Erdoğan is the one held accountable for all crimes committed by these diseased people. Claims that he is keeping quiet, he is supporting them and that the people around him are managing them are spreading every day. Unfortunately nobody is making any serious effort to prevent this. But I know that this is not the reality of the issue.

What is dramatic is that the right person, the right leader is being defended by the wrong people. This hurts that person's rightful cause. This is exactly what Erdoğan is experiencing. The AK Party is the hope of the Muslim world that has cries rising from every corner. Erdoğan is the hero in the hearts of the oppressed. I know all this.

We cannot stand by and watch this Legionnaires' disease to spread within the party and allow it to be consumed by it. Everybody has a duty. I am a writer. It is my duty to write the truths and struggle to preserve hope.


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