Let's read real politics and reset the game - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Let's read real politics and reset the game

Let's talk about the hard facts today. We will re-interpret the changing geopolitics that surprised us all. We will get reacquainted with ourselves, our allies, friends and enemies. Then we will believe in ourselves again and reset the game.

The US

We were hopeful when a president with Muslim heritage was elected. We thought he would put an end to the Middle Eastern tragedy. He could not decide, he failed, he could not develop new politics, he moved out of the region and created chaos. He befriended Iran, who he previously referred to as the “most dangerous enemy,” and considered Turkey, his “strongest ally” equal to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – Turkey's archenemy. He overlooked Russia's entering the Mediterranean and brought us to the brink of war. It supported the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) founding a state in Syria. We have witnessed history's most unsuccessful period. Let's see America's hard facts, redefine it and take note.

The European Union / NATO

They could not solve the Ukraine crisis; they made a mess of it. Crimea was invaded because of their politics. Russia became a wounded bear. They allowed Russia/Iran to invade the Middle East. It was understood that they could not even protect NATO's strongest member, Turkey. They withdrew the air defense system in our toughest of times and encouraged the enemy. They could not even solve the refugee crisis. They allowed refugees to die at their borders and overlooked those who threatened to kill them or deport them. Apart from not being able to make Turkey an EU member, they proved that they were an ally that could not even save us from a wounded bear. Let's see the bitter EU/NATO truth, let's redefine it and take note.


While we have a mutual council of ministers and great trade happening, Russia entered the Mediterranean like an enemy. They backed the killer of 400,000 people and abandoned us. There was not a single threat they spared. They reminded us of the saying, “You cannot make a friend of a bear.” The classic Russian hostility reappeared. They once again proved that they could pitilessly kill civilians and innocent people. Let's see the bitter truth about Russia, let's redefine it and note it down.


At the moment the world swooped on it to strangle it, Turkey was the only country that protected it. Today, we experience the most intense hate from them. Iran went to war in five Muslim countries, and caused the death of thousands of people, while leaving many others to become refugees. It led Russia into the Middle East and together they shed the blood of Muslims. It became friends with the US, a country it labeled as the “Great Satan” and became enemies with all Sunni Muslim countries. Let's see the bitter truth of Iran, redefine it and take note.

The Muslim World

It did not take any initiative, develop politics or manage to stand unsupported. The sectarian, racial, tribal, ignorant seeds it carried within started to grow from the first instance of crisis. The Muslim's greatest enemy was the Muslim. No country, except Turkey, strived to found Islamic unification without discriminating against anyone and instead gathering them all under its wings. It could not unite, stop wars or establish peace. Let's see the bitter truth of the Muslim world, redefine it and take note.

Turkey's power

We should be proud that we live in the world's most conscientious, most honest country. We are a harbor for oppressed Muslims, and the country they love the most. We are a country respected and trusted by all. But they took advantage of our good intentions, cheated us, and deceived us. Let's take note of this.

Our power is not enough to cope with all our enemies. Our army, our police force, our intelligence services are all heroes, yet being a hero is not sufficient if you do not have the required weapons, technology, ships, and missiles.

Our army, our economy is strong, but it is not enough to remain standing tall. Our energy, our raw material and technology are all imported. We are dependent; let's see this and take note.

Let's reset the game

We could not establish national solidarity. While we were experiencing an unnamed war, we were attacked from within as well. All the organizations united and backstabbed their country, their state, their government. Some circles did not care at all. They did not even think of backing their country.

Our media cannot explain our rightness to the world. Some worked for our enemies, while the others did not even know what was going on.

Let's see the hard truth. Let's re-read the real politics and note them down. Let's talk even if it hurts and do some self-criticism. Let's thoroughly talk about the betrayals, the disappointments and the times we were cheated.

And then, let's sit down and reset the game. Let's develop strategies. Use our brains and restrain our emotions. Let's think as the biggest, strongest country of this region. Let's reset the game and then take the field.


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