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Myanmar and Asia's Islam

While I was surmising election observations in Turkey's east, in Erzurum and Ağrı, the matter of the Burmese immigrants was jolting me like a swinging hammer in my head. There are two important actors behind this most shameful incident that the Islamic world experienced in the recent years; Malaysia and Indonesia.

Asia's Islam

Last December, I travelled on a tour that included Malaysia, Indonesia and China. I've almost seen all of the Islamic countries; however, before that trip I had never seen the two Islamic countries in Asia. To be honest, I was curious about the Malaysia and Indonesia experience, which is being identified as “Asia's Islam” and which had been material for Turkey's domestic politics some time ago. I was also curious of something else; did Asia's Islam have any solution suggestions for the recent depression of the Islam world?

During my long chat with Prof. Abdullah Ahsan, who is an Expert of Cooperation between Civilizations at the famous Malaysia Islam University, he answered my question as follows; “the Islamic world is expecting the actual solution from you, Istanbul. You are the old capital city.”

As a country, where no acute problems are experienced, whose economy is quite good and where the urbanization and life styles are neat, I expected a lot from Malaysia, However, as I get to know the country and learn about the truths, I was disappointed.

The oppression administration in Malaysia

In the country of the polite, sincere and sympathetic Malays we saw during our pilgrimage to Mecca, there was a covert oppression regime. The freedom of thought, freedom of press and opposition was little, if any. Islam is being experienced culturally; however, I didn't see any worries of being a part of the religious community and dealing with that community's problems. Their most important objective is to get stronger in the Asian region and, in a weird way, to struggle with Indonesia who they have blood connections with.

The crushed and destroyed personality of this country, which had lived years as a British colony, seems to be rasped even more by the executives that took charge later on. The country is formed of federal states administered by sultans and generally these people are dominant in politics. They are neither democrat like the Brits that colonized them, nor are just sultans that are unique to Muslims.

Indonesia, a giant is sleeping

With their population of 230 million, Indonesia is the most crowded country in the Islamic world. There is poverty; however, they also have serious underground resources and economic potential. However, Chinese dominance is quite intense in the commercial relationships. Indonesians are not hardworking or shrewd like the Chinese.

One of the things that surprised me the most was the congregations being Constitutional institutions. Like the TOBB status in our country; in Indonesia, congregations possess this constitutional status. Of course, when the population is 230 million, everything's volume differs. For example, the Muhammediye Congregation supposedly has around 40 Million members. Think about the economic, political and cultural influence this generates.

Indonesia turned its back on the Islamic world more than Malaysia. Since they are shy, they distanced themselves from that world after seeing the Middle East, where the heads are chopped. Now, they are on the path of becoming one of the most important countries in the region by developing their political and economic relations with the U.S., and their commercial relations with China. An important U.S. government official paid a visit to Indonesia at a high level.

Both countries hate each other the most, despite being from the Malay race. You can imagine what happens when the region's two most important Islamic countries dislike each other.

The Myanmar shame

Eastern Turkistan and the condition of the Burmese Muslims are a nightmare for both countries. Due to their fear of China, they don't want to take care of the immigrants that ran away from that country.

However, the recent immigrant crisis, which ended up with people dying from hunger in the ships, has gone down as the greatest shame of both countries. No matter what, you cannot leave a person in the middle of the sea to his death; it does not suit a Muslim.

Both countries' economic conditions are strong enough to feed not just 8000 immigrants, but even 800,000 immigrants. The matter is not economical after all. The matter is about willpower and conscience. The humane and Muslim values of these two countries had been worn down after being under the influence of Britain and China.

Let us accept this; for years, by looking at their implementations in the countries they've colonized, we've stated that the West is unscrupulous and cruel. Now, I can say that the Muslim administrators, who are oblivious to the executions in Egypt and can leave the Burmese wretches to their deaths, are as unscrupulous and cruel as they are.


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