New 'struggle on terror' concept - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

New 'struggle on terror' concept

Did the war on terror become easier or more difficult under the present conditions? Did they used to reach their objectives with less effort in the past? Let's face the reality; today, the war on terror became even more tedious, and terrorism grew stronger compared to the past. The tactics, weapons, instruments and methods used by terrorism show us that; terrorism is evolving.

Britain's IRA, Spain's ETA, Italy's Red Brigades and other European countries' struggles against terror were conducted via conventional methods and completed. I wonder; if strong organizations like IRA and EYA possessed strong communication means, media, technology, financial moves and transportation means like today, could they have managed to sustain their existences for longer years? Without a doubt; yes. Today, the struggle against terror is more difficult, costly and multidimensional compared to the past. Terrorism is proceeding to another dimension, while evolving from its traditional codes and structural shape.

Terrorism as a diplomacy card

While terrorism is ravaging the Middle East and tens of thousands of people are losing their lives today, Europe is busy enjoying their summer holiday. The West removed their relation with terrorism out of their lands and thus moved it to our lands.

They wanted things to happen here. They want the wars, terror, migration and chaos to happen and end here. When they feel like supporting terrorist organizations, they support them on these lands. Today, terrorism turned into a diplomacy instrument due to covert supports of the countries and their usage as leverage.

All the organizations that have an international influence area, like PKK/ISIL/Al Qaeda, turned into a trump card in the hands of the sides at the diplomacy table. Sometimes, people, who are conducting diplomacy, can be impudent enough to ask for other compromises in exchange for withdrawing the support given to those organizations.

Don't forget that, another reason for the existence of terrorist organizations is the desire of the countries to use terrorism for their own interests.

Terrorism as leverage for terrorism

Mark the areas captured by ISIL on the Iraq and Syria maps. Then, mark the oil fields, energy transit lines and waterways in both countries. You will see that ISIL is established upon an energy center. If you scratch the Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and Anti Balak organizations in Africa a little bit, you will reveal energy policies and investments of great countries.

The reason behind the attacks, directed at energy lines, pipelines, storage areas and dams in Turkey, is not ideological, but rather energy-policy related. PKK and DHKP-C are the most important subcontractor organizations that were used in these attacks.

Economic power of terror

What the world arms suppliers love the most are multi-sided wars and terrorist organizations. While selling arms to Russia, Iran and the Assad regime, organizations like Hezbollah, ISIL and Al Nusra receive Russian arms. It's possible to see American arms in the hands of PKK and Boko Haram militants. When you ask them, they will say that those are sold by others. Of course they will, because the sale of arms to terrorism cannot be done openly; at least for now.

Let's think about this; would Russia, who is selling arms worth billions of Dollars to Syria and Iran, desire the civil war in Syria to end? Russia was even unhappy about the lifting of the embargo following Iran's nuclear agreement. Because, Russia was secretly selling arms and ammunition to Iran.

Don't forget that terror and the economy around it is a remarkable power. This economy will serve the supplier countries the most. We all know who those countries are.

Terror's media, terror's digital warriors

The most important matter, which makes the struggle against terror even more difficult, is probably the media and communication. The greatest influence communication has over terrorism is; the provision of gathering supporters and increasing their manipulation chances. However, hackers are changing the situation.

Following my research on ISIL's communication methods and media power, I was stupefied. They have a communication power beyond our imaginations (for details, please refer to my article dated 21.07.2015). ISIL's biggest human resources are provided as a result of their communication studies.

PKK possesses communication power as effective and strong as ISIL-maybe even stronger. Because PKK/HDP/YPG relations had been legitimated so much that in the central media, PKK policies are being defended publicly and there are attempts to justify the organization. The PKK's communication and public relations are stronger and more widespread and multisided than your assumptions.

Terrorism is using communication as a tool/weapon. Social media, digital media and internet organizations are almost like psychological battlefields. From now on, organizations have digital warriors. They are attacking governments and corporations over the digital world. Let me tell you this; just last year, they've blown up a pipeline by means of hackers, without using a bomb.

The hacker world turned into an international matter. Countries are officially forming a white hacker army. The future of the wars will be on the virtual world and today, terrorism is making pre-exercises for this.

We need to develop new concepts

Pages of articles and many books can be written on this matter. Our universities (if it occurs to them), are required to make scientific researches on the matter of terror's evolution and mutation.

It's impossible for governments to win over terror with traditional methods and conventional tools. New concepts, technologies and approaches are necessary. Bombing PKK's emplacements in the mountains is the easiest; the actual difficulty is in removing PKK from their emplacements in the cities, media and virtual world.


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