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New Turkey Agreement: Is it a common dream proposal?

Establishing a common dream which we all believe in…. The New Turkey story, which has a part in all of us and we will all write a part of it… I'm talking about a common dream which we all pursue and which our kids will mention proudly.

Even if we don't defend the same idea, even if we don't share the same opinion, belief and ideology, will it be possible to share the same dream for the country? Yes it will be. Personally, I've experienced an example of this in the Anadolu Agency. Leftist, idealist, religious, secular, Turk, Kurd, Arab, Albanian…. We all believed in a common dream and we set off to make AA the most important agency in the world. In the end, we all wrote a part of our common story and we became successful (for details, please refer to my article dated 05.02.2015).

Can we all believe in a common dream?

Since that day, I believe that everyone living in Turkey (if they are not traitors) will somehow gather around a common dream. Our lands and history is fertile enough to give birth to such dreams. Seljuqs, Ottomans and Republic came to life this way. Everything started with believing in a common dream.

Now we need to establish a new dream that will surround everyone. Kurds need to find a piece of themselves in this dream. Alawites should be excited for this dream. Arabs should know that they are a part of these lands. No matter what their ethnic roots are, we should establish a dream that surrounds all the nations of these ancient Ottoman lands. We had suffered from the troubles and nuisances of being a nation state. We are nations, which established dreams, states, empires and civilizations over other nations.

We need to say something new to humanity

I'm talking about a dream, which explains to humanity how they will provide tranquility and peace against the Western civilization. Despite all the depression, drifting and chaos in the 21st Century; we need to say the last word of one of the biggest civilizations produced by humanity.

This great dream can be established by the heirs of the last capital that carries the banner of the great civilization. The heirs of the capital city should raise their heads and say the last word they have to say to humanity. This word should be words filtered from the religion, whose name is peace and tranquility for the whole humanity. We are the children of great dreams, not vicious cycle ideas.

The country's, which will establish this great dream, legs should be standing strong on the platform. Being a great state is only possible when internal peace, tranquility and interlocking is provided. Only strong states, which are generated by bright civilizations, can establish great dreams.

It doesn't suit us to argue over the Kurdish issue, Alawite issue

Turkey is a state generated by an ancient civilization which had percolated since 1400. All the accumulation of our civilization had come to life in our lands and gave life to humanity. We are not a shallow nation that will make the barren arguments today. It doesn't suit us to argue over the Kurdish issue, Alawite issue, corruption issue or independence issue. We had already solved all these problems. We were not a nation that had become estranged to each other enough to damage the internal peace. Then, there is a problem somewhere. We are making some mistakes somewhere. All we need to do is establish a common dream.

Davutoğlu's common dream proposal

“New Turkey Agreement, 2023", which had been directly written by Prime Minister Davutoğlu, excited me due to this reason. Actually, this text amounts to a common dream proposal concretized by clauses. This text is all of our efforts to establish a dream, which everyone in this country associate themselves with. Thus, I've cared about it and got excited. A party, which received 52% of nation's votes, should have said that it will embrace everyone. This was vouchsafed to Davutoğlu.

The Prime Minister should have made this important text, important proposal with a plan of stronger communication, because everyone regarded this agreement as an election statement. However, this agreement is talking about a higher proposal. I wished the Prime Minister had proposed this in a calm environment, where intellectuals, scientists, NGOs and opinion leaders from every segment were present, rather than at candidate introduction meeting.

Even though there are serious issues in the communication policy, we are required to discuss this agreement proposal and turn it into a common dream. I don't think there will be anyone who will say “no" to New Turkey objectives in this text; however, they are already objecting to it and not discussing it. Then, the rulership should take this into consideration. They should listen to the ones objecting to it and include their ideas in the common dream. If only the Prime Minister would provide this mechanism.

Even if it doesn't happen today or tomorrow, after the elections there is always time to establish a common dream and pursue the same objective.


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