Racial and religious fascism: The Europe/Israel grip - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Racial and religious fascism: The Europe/Israel grip

European media, primarily Germany, are discussing the Mesut Özil issue. Of course, they do not mention Europe’s hysteria attack at the center of the discussion.

Nobody is courageously standing up and saying that almost all of Europe is headed toward racist fascism.

I am not certain whether they haven’t any courage or whether they are not aware of the situation.

The majority of writers, politicians and opinion leaders keep on asking, “What happened to us, we weren’t like this?”

Liberal democracy is about to die

What has happened is that you are back to your pre-World War II state. You have racist, fascist, dictatorial regimes knocking at your door. It won’t be long before liberal democracy is dead in Europe – just wait another decade.

As they introduce the hijab ban in France, the mosque ban in Austria, they pretend not to understand that there are regimes that will turn Europe into hell in future years for other religions and nations.

Now, Europe is discussing how they can boot the Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan, Afghan and Pakistani refugees that arrived in the last five years. They are going to exile those people from Europe. Then, we are going to see all together, they are going to debate doing the same thing for all the other foreigners in Europe.

There are millions of foreigners living in Europe and though their exact population is unknown, 30 million of them are Muslim. There have been interracial marriages and children have been children born from those marriages. New mixed-race generations have been born. It makes no difference. Race-based fascism does not accept mixed-breeds either. Like Adolph Hitler, they are all going to make the pure race discrimination. One day, all foreigners are going to face the fascism gene traveling in Europe’s veins and suffer great pains.

If it goes this way, a new Andalusia tragedy will take place in Europe – this time, not only against Muslims and Jews, but against all foreign nations and religions.

Religion-based fascism

Israel recently announced that it will be applying Europe’s race-based fascism in a religion-based format.

Fascism is to deny the right to live to anyone other than those like themselves, those who share their beliefs.

Why is it that the Christian world has been so quiet since the day Israel sanctified Judaism as a religion and race, declaring that it gives nobody other than Jews the right to speak or live?

Muslims are not the only ones living in Jerusalem. There are Christians among them too. Isn’t Jerusalem still a holy site for the Vatican?

I guess they are quiet because they fear that the moment they say something to Israel, they will have their past similar fascistic actions held against them. If it is not fascism banning the hijab, mosques, the call to prayer, worship, religious symbols, then what is it?

American liberalism, which is about to give its last breath in the arms of Evangelism should also be mentioned here. U.S. President Donald Trump and Evangelists have a great share in building religious fascism in Jerusalem together with Israel. Let’s not overlook that.

Though he may not be a nutcase like Trump, their future too seems to be a fascist regime stained in deep religiousness in the hands of an Evangelist leader like Vice President Mike Pence.

What will the Muslim world do?

We all know by now how far into fascism Europe and Israel have shifted. What we really need to discuss is what we will be doing against this.

Our state is obvious. The efforts made by Muslims to kill Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan in the last week have borne their “fruits.” There are hundreds dead and injured.

I do not think the U.S. and Europe will do anything to us. We are already killing each other enough anyway.

The Muslim world cannot have anything to say against the rising racial and religious fascism in Europe, the U.S. and Israel, before solving its own crises.

If we push the terms a little, it would be possible to liken Iran’s Shiism and Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism to a fascist regime.

We keep coming back to the same point: Turkey is the hope of the Muslim world. If there is going to be any idea, thought, initiative, innovation, it will emerge from our country. We are the ones who need to find a way out with our historical experience, our ideological infrastructure and perspective of civilization.

Our state is also obvious.

What I have been discussing here might seem frightening and pessimistic to some. That was how some of the media outlets that quoted my article yesterday saw it.

However, we must remember that the greatest turning points in history, the most powerful ideology movements and the brightest systems all happened after great chaos and crises.

I am personally expecting a fertile explosion and initiative in the Muslim world. Of course, I don’t know if we will live long enough to see it.


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