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Rebuilding a country

Hopefully good will come out of what we perceive as evil. Destiny has given us the chance to redirect the wind for the benefit of our country and our people. We are all questioning our mistakes, past and doings. We are in quest for a better future. We are looking for a better country, a better state and a better life. Everyone is convinced that we need this.

None of us can act like we did in the past

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “After witnessing all this, we cannot go back to living like we did before July 15. Especially me! As the ruling party, the Justice and Development Party [AK Party] cannot act like this. I believe the opposition parties think the same too. I hope that the media, professional organizations and all other groups believe in this too."

None of us can act like we did in the past. Especially those governing the state. Because we all follow in the footsteps of those who govern us. Their attitude, their positions, their discourse and their choices affect the whole society.

We have to turn this opportunity into an advantage. Erdoğan's position in the hearts of people has become more exceptional, stronger, deeper and more widespread

“Country” for the people means the 'state.' Erdoğan made a historical statement, which should not be overlooked: "We will build our country from scratch."

Building a country from scratch

To build a country from scratch means to save our country from all the problems, negativity, mistakes and traitors. We have an opportunity. The Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) has destroyed our state to such an extent that it is easier to build from scratch than to fix it. Which means we should stand clear from a mentality free of national chief totalitarianism, a single idea that dominates the state or mentally disturbed terrorist organizations like FETÖ.

The criteria is actually simple: We need a state mechanism in which patriotic people who are competent, qualified and trustworthy are in governing positions. We need to stop favoritism. This principle was actually one of the AK Party's most important discourses. The AK Party was constantly reiterating that it was against religious nationalism, ethnic nationalism and regional nationalism. We should now carry this principle into effect as we are rebuilding our state. Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş made a strong statement yesterday to stress this. Everyone is closely watching Erdoğan's actions to go with these statements.

I am hopeful.

Yıldırım: We will never stop holding hands

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has been showing an excellent example of leadership since July 15. Sincere, determined, goal oriented and consistent. We see how he works in complete rapport and harmony with the president. We see tears roll down his cheeks with love for his country and nation. Yıldırım's statements, whether improvised or pre-written, meets the people's expectation: "We will not allow separation or division. We will never stop holding each other's hands. “Erdoğan and Yıldırım's sincerity reflects in their tone and attitude. Then what is preventing a nation that shares a common destiny from moving on to a mechanism that it can feel a part of?

All the other partners of politics and the country should act in accordance with this sincerity. We expect the opposition, business world, media and bureaucracy to sacrifice for a new beginning, a new country. People are actually watching the partners of the government. They are watching and listening to what the media representatives, other politicians, representatives of the business world and opinion leaders have to say and do. Isn't it time to up the level?

Institutionalizing and the system problem

We are all going through a serious test. What will we do for this country which the people saved from the traitors and entrusted to us? We are currently in this test.

We need serious institutionalizing and world-recognized institutions. We need to produce structures and models based on systems not humans. Yes, the state is currently dealing with acute bleeding like security and terrorism. But it is just as important to establish systems that will shape the future of the country.


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