'Refugee geopolitics'…Understanding the rebellion against injustice - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

'Refugee geopolitics'…Understanding the rebellion against injustice

There is something I have been objecting since the beginning: The refugee issue has shifted from its axis. This issue is the result of the revenue share in the world and the covered exploitation system.

This refugee issue is not an issue of a legal term, a border security or a migration wave. It is a deeper, more complex and more geopolitical issue.

They don't want to see that the nations that have become refugees are at the same time the poorest countries with the most problems.

The natural reflex of the nations suffering from a lack of security, health, education, sheltering and nutrition is to find an environment where they could meet these needs.

The issue is not about the costs, but sharing the revenue.

As Europe has the luxury of discussing this issue conceptually as "refugee or migrant," today in the borders of Slovenia, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria, tens of thousands of refugees are not discussing this concept but how to survive.

The way we should handle the refugee issue should be with a deeper and broader perspective.

The issue indicates big trouble, a big problem.

In a system in which the revenue of the richest three families in the world and more than a hundred countries put together, the thing to be discussed cannot be sharing the costs of the refugees.

If you lose the focal point of the discussion, you also lose the key for the solution.

We cannot discuss the merciless politics of Europe, America and Russia. Why? Namely, why can countries from thousands of miles away come and think they have the authority to intervene to change the fate of the nations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia?

Everyone thought it was normal while the French planes were bombing Libya and British and American planes were bombing Iraq and Afghanistan. Also today Russian planes are bombing Syria, that's why everyone is silent. The bombs from those planes actually divided Libya, Iraq and Syria and now the biggest refugee flow is from these countries to the Europe.

Why can't we discuss this? This injustice has been so internalized and normal that, nobody could see that this is covetous politics that actually ruins the world order.

The refugees are going to reclaim the bread stolen from them
Do you know why those refugees are going to Europe? In order to get their rights back.

In order to reclaim the bread taken from them. They are going there to get their exploited, separated and consumed rights back.

Actually they set off on the road to bring the underground and ground richness to account which is the right of a child born in the Middle East and Africa.

The West has established its luxurious life on the poverty of the Middle East and Africa. The West has always been observing the light of the East, the wealth of Mesopotamia and the lands of the Fertile Crescent as a hungry wolf.

Now it is taking the bread and food of the weakened nations and increasing the wealth of its own civilization.

Here the refugees are after their bread, which was stolen from them and taken to Europe.

They want back their stolen blessings and livelihood.

They are going there to get their children's share from those who had stolen it. Of course they will not stop in Turkey because we aren't the ones who took their bread.

Immoral proposal: The barrier policy

Now they are trying to give Turkey the “barrier policy.”

Let's set up a barrier, let's not let them go to the Europe, let's take care of them here, let's make them stay here… and then what?

They say let's pay this amount of money to set up this barrier and pay the costs. That's what an immoral proposal is called. In order not to show the origin of the problem, to miss, hide the focal point of the issue and not to discuss the unfair revenue distribution, they are producing these cheap policies.

Turkey must essentially open the refugee issue to discussion.

We must do this to protect the rights and justice of the refugees and the future of the children.

In a world where the biggest weapon selling five countries are at the same time the Permanent Representatives to the U.N., it is impossible to stop the wars.

In a world where the wars don't stop, it is not possible to end the refugee and terror issues.

Rebellion against injustice

It is impossible to solve the refugee issue as long as the injustice in the revenue distribution in the world continues.

It is impossible to solve this problem as long as there are countries which believe they have the right to come from thousands of miles away and bomb the lands we live in.

The refugee issue needs to be discussed with a new discourse and a new policy.

This issue which has turned into a “refugee geopolitics” is not only a simple sheltering, cost, border security and passport issue.

The refugee issue is the great rebellion of the people whose rights have been usurped, their bread been stolen and the future of their children has been dimmed.


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