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Second phase in the Khashoggi murder: saving Private Salman

Let’s make it clear, consider the big picture:

It is unprecedented for someone to be lured into a consulate and murdered there. This is the first time we are facing such a case.

There is no other state in the history of the world that has murdered its citizen this barbarically.

And no other state in the history of the world has confessed that its own citizen was murdered inside its official consulate.

This is the big picture and we need to keep this in mind.

Why did the Saudis confess the murder?

Saudi Arabia confessed the murder because Turkey solved the case very successfully. Because the evidence that Turkey has did not allow them to cover up this murder. I assume that the U.S. also has the details of the evidence.

If it hadn’t been for this evidence;

1. The Saudis would never have confessed the murder.

2. The U.S. would never put pressure (though partially) on Saudi Arabia

3. The U.S. media would never cover this issue in such detail

4. What is worse, they would pin the blame on Turkey.

That is why those who gathered the evidence and carried out this operation should be getting medals. Thus, the first phase in Khashoggi murder was complete. The Saudi confession of the murder shows that the first phase is over.

This confession did not ease the pressure on the Saudis and Trump, who tried hard to save them-- on the contrary, it has increased the pressure on them.

We have now an official confession by a state. If there is a murder, there are also murderers. If there are officials among these murderers, there is also certainly an authority who gave the order.

They will shift the blame of the dismembering of the body

Now, we are in the second phase of the murder.

The Saudis tried to cast off the case by denying the murder, but that didn’t work out. Now, in the second phase, they are striving to save the one who ordered the murder, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Americans are also trying hard to save Salman, who has been a loyal “soldier” to them.

After realizing that no one was satisfied with any of their official statements, the Saudis leaked information to handle the situation.

For three days, Saudi authorities have been hiding big lies behind small truths and spreading them in the U.S. media.

The subject they are focusing on is the body’s whereabouts. They supposedly rolled the body up in a rug and handed it to a local co-conspirator! So, to say, they don’t know what happened after. And they are sharing this information with the world via Reuters.

This means: When the dismembered body is found, there will be a second revolt and the Saudi state and Trump will once again be under pressure. They are forming a basis to prevent this. If the body is found (and I am sure it will be found), they will say “we handed it to Turkish co-conspirators, they dismembered him.” They are preparing to say that the murder, (though they made a funny statement by saying that he was “killed accidentally”) occurred, but the actual violence (the dismemberment of Khashoggi’s body) was carried out by the Turks.

Campaign to “save Private Salman”

The conspiracy of the Saudis is: “Khashoggi was not killed violently but accidentally. Prince Salman did not know about this. We captured the guilty. The dismembering body was done Turkish co-conspirators.”

They secretly started an intense communication war to implement this conspiracy. The Americans are also helping them to “save Private Salman.” What the Saudis care about is saving the king’s son. They don’t care about the murder of an innocent person.

However, just like the way they carried out the murder, in the second phase they are also acting amateurish. No one is satisfied with their statements. They couldn’t cover up the murder, because this time they are not the ones who set up the game. This time, Turkey set up such a game that the Saudis and the U.S. had no other option but to confess. One day, they will also admit that the crown prince is guilty.

What Erdoğan will be talking about in the AK Party group meeting

Erdoğan, for the first time, will be talking about this issue in detail today in the AK Party group meeting. Don’t expect him to talk about criminal cases. Questions regarding “the location of the body, who murdered him and how”… this is the job of the judiciary and security experts.

Erdoğan will be talking pedantically about jurisprudence, international law, justice and moral conscience.

Read this between the lines:

You tried to carry out an operation in our country. You got caught. Turkey is not a country that you can buy with your money. That is why, neither can you cover up this murder, nor can you save its contractor, your Prince. Justice will prevail, and you will pay the price.


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