So, do you have a dream? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

So, do you have a dream?

I want to revolt against a vicious circle. This is not an emotional outburst.

This is my objection to a situation which is no longer bearable, after having seen it for a long time…

There is a group in Turkey. Not native, not national, a chronic opposition imitating the West. Actually I do not mean to say something against what they write. Generally I don't. But I am writing to ask a question.

You are against Islamic unity, we get it

I followed closely what these groups wrote and said before and after the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's (OIC) Istanbul summit.

Politicians, the intelligentsia, those who are against Islamic unity, the cooperation of the Muslim countries and Muslims taking joint action, and journalists who are even more ignorant than them, almost revolted.

What are we doing “with Arabs who stabbed us in the back, hobos, ignorant people and criminals?” This is how they describe the huge Muslim world.

They are chastising President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been leading this issue.

They are chastising Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) who made a call. They chastised the president of their own country, who said, “The West cannot solve this problem,” “the countries outside the region should not intervene,” “we can solve this problem without them,” “let's strengthen the women,” “let's establish a common Interpol, Red Crescent and arbitration board,” “let's stand up,” “stand straight,” “Islamic ummah” and brotherhood, calling for unity, alliance and sovereignty to end the sectarian war, terror, poverty, misery and ignorance. They almost went crazy at the mention of Islamic unity, unity of the ummah and unity of Muslims.

Why? Why did they become like this?

Is EU membership your dream?

Has anyone ever asked this question?

Well, don't let the Muslim countries unite, let's turn our backs on them.

Then do you have a better dream for this country?

Do you have a better idea for this country?

Do you have a better project for this country?

They will say: “Let's become an EU member, let's get out of the marsh of the Middle East, let's send the refugees, let's close the doors and become withdrawn…”

Is it all you can dream about? Is this your dream? Did you produce this “utopia,” these “unique” ideas?

The European Union was the common dream of the Europeans and you were not included. You try to be a part of others' dream, but you even fail at that.

No, you do not even have a dream. You do not have a better project and idea for this country.

Is it a vision of becoming a member of the EU which is about the collapse?

Is it a dream for the future to be a member of a union whose members hold referenda to get out of?
Is it an exciting utopia to be part of a Europe which cannot solve any of its problems, which is aging and losing its will power and humanitarian conscience?
No, it is not...
Becoming introverted, downsizing, closing the doors, turning its back to the Middle East is not a vision but a bad imitation of the era of the National Chef.
Do you have a project, a suggestion for the solution?
Yes we have problems. Well, do you have a suggestion for the solution?
Do you have a solution for the wars suffered by the millions of people in the Middle East, the refugee problem that is expediting the collapse of Europe?

Can you generate a policy?
For example, what is your suggestion for the solution of the wars, terror and chaos going on all around our border?
What would you have done against a Russia whose appetite for invasion is whetted at the sight of a passive and weak Europe and a clumsy US?
Let me answer these questions on your behalf: Nothing.
You cannot do anything except criticize and vilify. You cannot produce any idea or policy. You can never have a dream.

The ability to dream

Yes, these people have a dream. They have a conception of the future. They believe in an ideal. Even though they will not be able to see it come true, they have a dream.
They believe that one day the Muslim world will unite. They are ready to run, work and struggle in this direction.
Here at least they have a dream. This is a native dream that belongs to this land, history and geography.
Well, do you have a dream of your own?


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