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Speaking during difficult times

It’s natural for politicians to think differently and defend different methods towards issues, which cause the siblings, fathers and sons to turn against each other. There is a loss of life, death, a cost that has been paid or forcefully paid by blood. We are talking about a great trauma throughout 40 years, which will even affect a citizen living in the most remote corner of the country and where 30,000 people died.

There is a party in Turkey that has taken the most radical steps in the Republic’s history in order to solve such an issue, which is deep, scorching, destructive and has wide effectiveness. AK Party, despite coming into power with the votes from conservatives and nationalists, who had shown the biggest reaction against terror, had taken a risk and become successful in taking these steps. Now, we are talking about disarmament, people coming down from the mountains, get mixed in with the community, practicing politics, and constitutional regulations. In other words, we are talking about completely ending the blood vengeance, the hottest and most difficult part of the matter.

We are going through difficult times.

Two months later, we are entering the elections. The country is arguing about a system and a radical constitution change, and despite a trauma, which resulted with the deaths of 30,000 people, there will be steps taken towards peace. You will explain this to the close ones of martyrs, to the families of the youngsters on the mountains and to the national community, whose veins are swollen.

Fighting is easy, but speaking of peace is harder.

Everyone is stressed, tense and angry. First of all, there is a new President, a new Prime Minister and government. In order for a new car to completely perform well, the rapport between the gears is a necessity; it will take time and requires taking to the road.

Before PKK even ended, the Parallel Organization had shown itself

While we are striving to end PKK terror, which had everyone pay the most severe price in the history of the Republic, another organization, which attempts to overthrow the government and is another most dangerous organization in the Republic history, surfaced. The Parallel State Organization neither wants the Kurdish issue to end, nor does it want the AK Party or conservative community to be strong. Their international connections, tendencies, methods and financial resources are unbelievably strong.

It’s such an organization that; it separated mothers from their sons, turned siblings against each other, destroyed families, had the children desert their homes, hearts had been burned and scorched. Is it so weird when an organization, which has such effects, causes two politicians to argue? An organization, which even turns a father against his son, can easily turn anyone in a party against whomever it wants.

We are passing through difficult times, we are experiencing the difficult periods of our lives.

The crises, where the families and their children are in questi

It’s natural for people, who are under pressure from all sides, to get tense, angry and to argue. Until now, AK Party executives’ children has never been a part of a crisis. In an attack, which targeted Erdoğan’s family unfairly and targeted his children, he had never experienced this trauma before as a father. Not many people heard of or seen the paradox, trauma, shock, sicknesses and slanders Arınç’s family experienced.

Everyday, Davutoğlu is receiving a sad letter from a representative of the Islamic world. The religious community is in deep sorrow, there are wars, chaos and terror all around us…. Everyone is waiting for something from Turkey, and asking Turkey for help. As for Turkey, we are dealing with the covered operations of international forces. As a Prime Minister, he will be entering his first elections two months from now, and the expectations are high, his burden is heavy and he has a pocket full of nuisance.

What would be more natural than them being under stress like all of us do as humans? Maybe the only thing that could be said is; “they might be spitting blood, however they shouldn’t be arguing in front of the press and hide the distress they’ve suffered.”

In these difficult times, we required prudent people

These are difficult times, where the families, children, 30,000 lives, international states, most dangerous organizations, system alterations and painful processes are all included with their sorrows. There might be even more violent arguments and stern fights; these days are that difficult.

It’s easy to speak during peace; however, it’s troublesome to speak during difficult times. It takes patience, skill, reason and prudence to do so. Difficult times are always in need of wise people; people who advise patience and prudence. These are the times of the people, who bring water instead of reminding people about the fire. People who atone for rather than resent people; ones who repair and don't provoke.

The shifty instigators of the difficult times

These difficult times are when everyone can clearly see the ones, who are behind instigations, who are looking for an opportunity to gain individual prosperity, who are making plans, who are getting organized and are pursuing traps. The people, who are attempting to humiliate the leaders of this movement, attempt to teach politics, are taking sides and making the others enemies, are attempting to steal roles, are all revealed.

As Erdoğan said; these people neither know themselves nor know their places nor know about their generation nor know where they came from nor where they are going. They neither speak of good nor regard being quiet as a virtuous behavior.

Difficult times are also fruitful. You will meet upright men, peace-minded people, men of heart; shifty instigators add opportunists during these times.

All of the Islamic world is focusing here

I’ve witnessed loads of similar crises. You will see, the leaders of this movement will solve the issue between themselves and enter the elections like that. Now, the opposition party and the top front, who were rubbing their hands saying “Wish AK Party disperses and we can win the elections”, will be experiencing another great disappointment.

This movement and the leaders of this movement are the pupils of not only Turkey’s, but also the Islamic world’s eye. The entire religious community is waiting for the news that will come from the capital city. Thus, we are in difficult times, everybody should speak accordingly.


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