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The 4 legs of a table: Turkey, Egypt, Saudi, Iran

The Muslim world has reservoirs. These reservoirs are the center of weight and balance for the table the Muslim world is set on. These reservoirs are geopolitically, historically, economically and religiously very important.

We need four legs, just like a table, for good balance. The absence of one, or one being shorter, will ruin the balance of the table.

Whenever the Ottomans paid heed to this balance, they always achieved great conquests and succeeded against the West. The Ottomans expanded toward the West, and every time they leaned on the Muslim world and turned their face toward the West. This continued all the way until the Shah Ismail (Ismail I) period.

The unbalance first started during the Ismail I and Kavalalı period.

Ismail I turned Shiism into an ideology, into a sharp sect, and a part of political aspirations. The Ottomans expanding into the West and the Ismail I threat paused for the first time during the 1514 Battle of Chaldiran. This was the first time the Ottomans turned from the West to the East. The first leg of the table caused imbalance on this date.

The next date the balance was disturbed was during the start of the 1800s. Governor to Egypt, Mehmet Ali Pasha caused the second quake in the Muslim world. With the support of the Brits, he diverged from the main body and caused complete imbalance.

The third leg of the table, Saudi Arabia, attempted to ruin the balance with the Wahhabi revolt in 1811. The riots were ended with Ottoman Governor of Egypt Kavalalı Mehmet Ali Pasha. However, the riots continued underground. After World War I, Saudi Arabia declared independence, with the encouragement of the British, and parted from the main body.

The Muslim world regressed when the table's legs were broken

The Muslim world could not go back into its orbit, after these partings, competitions and conflicts. Islamic civilization's regressing and being crushed under the West was accelerated in this way.

The West did not allow the Muslim world to bring its reservoirs together and lift the table, with the alliances it formed and the plans it made. The leaders of these countries did not attempt to unite against these plans either.

Uniting and putting the table back up with the Arab Spring, was the West's (and those with interest in the region) biggest fear. They saw that even if Egypt and Turkey united, the equation would change. Therefore, they supported the military coup in Egypt in every possible way.

It seems like everyone has mobilized to break all four legs of the table, so that it can never stand balanced again. Egypt was paralyzed with a military coup. Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon were pushed into war, and thus the Muslim world divided into two. Saudi Arabia supported the military coup in Egypt, while starting war in Yemen and Syria, and igniting the blaze with the executions it carried out. The system in Turkey was attempted to collapse with the Gezi Park incidents, the parallel structure and the PKK. Ankara collided with Iran on the Syrian issue and Saudi on the Egypt issue.

The legs were broken and the Muslim world divided

The table was broken to pieces. The atmosphere is unsteady and chaotic. The West divided the Muslim world, which was trying to recuperate, and started to sell them arms because of the conflicts in the region, and made money out of this.

It isn't right to connect everything that happened to the West's plans and traps. Some of the incompetent and greedy leaders in these reservoirs expedited the division by saying, “it might be small, but it's mine” and thus played into the West's hands. No one thought about uniting, becoming an ummah (Islamic community) or Islamic unity. Turkey was left alone in this sense.

We cannot stand up without all 4 legs

Despite everything, let's accept a fact that we cannot come together and reform the table unless all four legs are mounted back onto it. We have to stop talking about certain issues, even if it is bitter. We need to act in unity and take steps accordingly, before wars actually start and foreign countries start to occupy our lands.

Turkey, the only country standing solid and defending the great unity, has to take this matter into its hands.


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