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The anatomy of a collapsed alliance

We need to analyze the most spectacular alliance in the history of politics. We need to find the sociopolitical and psychological reasons behind this complicated alliance without acting with valor. We need to analyze this calmly, because this project, which gathered sworn enemies, polar opposites and opposite ideologies together, put Turkey under grave danger.

Polar opposites that support HDP

Of course, I'm talking about HDP and the circles that support them. I'm referring to the alliance, the most interesting one in the history of politics, which is being formed around HDP. If you can remember,Selahattin Demirtaş mentioned the ones, who are ranked among the alliance and directly/indirectly supported HDP, on the night of the elections, June 7th, and thanked them;

“We are thanking all the components, parties and movements, which formed HDP, like Azadi Movement, EMEP, EMEK Party, ÖSP, BDKD, Partizan, Nubihar, Med-Zehra, Özedönüş Platform, Community Centers, TKP and EHP…"

Additional to these names that were officially announced; Gülen Movement, Nişantaşı Notables, Cihangir ghetto, liberals that used to support AK Party, important Alawite groups, Kurdish tribes, landlords; almost all the illegal armed organizations of the left wing… can be included to that list. These are the ones I can remember.

I'm not going to write the foreign supporters of this alliance, senior mind and the capital circles; it's completely a different world.

The most strategic support is from the Doğan Group

Let's have a look at this alliance's media support. The Doğan Group provided the most professional and strategical support to the alliance. Even though the Doğan Group is making official declarations and states that they are not providing such support but rather they are neutral; the truth is different. Hürriyet and CNN TURK publications, and this institution's famous writers and broadcasters formed this perception, which rendered HDP reasonable and turned Demirtaş into a star. This perception played a critical and vital role in the acceptance of Demirtaş and the formation of this alliance.

In addition to the Doğan Group, all the newspapers, TVs, radios, websites and social media accounts supported this alliance with active publications. Additionally, all the media, which are against Erdoğan and AK Party, almost become a media organ for this alliance voluntarily.

Is the 'We won't let you become president' alliance a crime?

Why would people, who identify themselves as Islamists, atheists, socialists, liberals and TÜSİAD member white Turks, participate in this alliance?

I guess, there is only one reason; “We won't let you become president".

I don't regard the establishment of the “we won't let you become president" alliance as a crime or a betrayal against the country politically.

However, in my opinion the biggest problem occurred as the members of this alliance started regarding and presenting PYD, PKK, KCK, the Parallel Organization, DHKP-C, terror attacks, the Rojawa project, and everything adversary to Turkey as something reasonable and legitimate, while they supported HDP with great enthusiasm.

You may prevent Erdoğan from becoming the president; however, if you are reckless enough to present enemies of your country as legitimate, then you will be in a criminal position.

Now, if you go back and take a look at the publications and statements made during the terrorist actions, especially the murder of Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, you will understand what I'm trying to say.

It's necessary to investigate the reason behind this blind alliance

They prevented Erdoğan from becoming the president. AK Party couldn't become the rulership on its own. What's next? Nobody thought of this aspect. Thus, the alliance is staggering and disintegrating. Since they couldn't think about this, they couldn't foresee that HDP and PKK fooled them and terror will start once again.

I'm separating the ones, who betrayed and acted as an enemy against their country, within this “blind alliance" and regard it as a criminal case.

However, how did the hatred, anger and madness formed in some segments reach such a climax and steer them towards a blind and dark alliance? We need to understand this. Calling them “traitors" is easy and meaningless. A substantial part of these people used to support AK Party. It's easy to accuse this weird alliance by turning them into a criminal case; however, solving the mathematics of this alliance and discovering the reasons behind it is of vital importance in order to prevent the formation of such a dark alliance again.

We need to desire the difficult one.


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