The big paradigm change has begun - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

The big paradigm change has begun

We started to make more cold-blooded analyses. We are now overcoming the grief and shock of the martyrs, the wounded and the trauma we experienced. We have no time and luxury. We have to do many things at the same time. A big paradigm change, a big struggle, a fundamental system change started in Turkey on the night of July 15.

We work in the daytime and are on the democracy watch at night, follow the developments every minute, always clash the ideas in our minds and stay sharp. We felt mentally alerted in one night. Our hats are in front of us, our internal accounting, self-criticism and the effort to understand the realities have been reaching maximum level.

A nation showed us how it can protect its own destiny, future, security, independence, and freedom with its own hands: “I can lie under the tank; I can stop it with my hands; I can jump on the war plane; I can stop the bullets with my breast: but I won't give my country to anyone.” They did what they said and they succeeded. That is how the real politics and strategy of a hero nation is. Now it is time to care of what remains. In all areas the paradigms bankrupted, collapsed, their plans and strategies failed became meaningless in one night. A new one is being established.

Will Turkey have a change in pact?

The Atlantic Treaty, the New Rome or the international powers President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called “superior mind,” went on to spread word that Erdoğan could change the pact, move away from the West and join the Asia-Pacific pact.

They showed Erdoğan's words “We can join the Shanghai five” as evidence to this.

However, they know that this is not the truth. Erdoğan was targeted since he did not want to change the pact, but he did not do everything that the Atlantic pact wanted and drew his own road map. In the new design of the Middle East, they wanted to destroy Turkey since it wanted to appear as the third alternate.

On the contrary, the Arab winter was to stop the rise of Turkey and obstruct the Middle East to hold its own destiny. Turkey was the last fort. All these attacks were to destroy this fort. Turkey has never thought of changing the pact in which it would take place, but refused to do everything that was ordered as a slave. Now it wants to establish a balance between the pacts, draw its own strategy for its own security and against the foreign attacks. This will be discussed in Erdoğan's meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

We can never be the same with the US

Don't pay attention to them saying, “There is an extradition procedure, we need evidence, we can form a commission.” The covert U.S. state and the global players are certainly involved in this coup. They have been experiencing the shock of failure, only they are after gaining time and setting new games.

The criminal Fethullah Gülen is like a Swiss knife that they have been using -- not only in Turkey, but in 160 countries. They are also concerned that he might speak up and say everything. They will never hand him over, nor send him to another country. Let's not be naive. They even imposed pressure on Greece, saying, “Don't return the eight soldiers.” And they postponed the case for a month.

The U.S. made a big mistake. It attempted to stage a coup in a country as strong as Turkey and has a geopolitical position at this time. It did this knowing that it would mess up all the balances, relations and paradigms. It was either going to seize power with a coup or by creating chaos and paralyzing us. They are never going to give up. Let's not forget that.

Their official statements will be as friends who want “peace” but the covert operations will continue. They also know that Erdoğan will never believe these lies. That is why the first conversion will be with the change of the U.S. relationship paradigm.

Our real political situation is obvious, we cannot cope with the U.S. and we cannot explicitly side against it. We need strategies to balance this.

Change in the Russia/ Asia paradigm

They caused tension claiming that Turkey would exit the Atlantic Treaty and shift to the Russia/Asia axis. Now we understand that those who downed the Russian jet are from the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) and the staff of the Atlantic Treaty. Their intention is not only to damage our relationship with Russia and prevent our shifting to that pact, but with more chaos, crisis and tumult, prepare grounds for the coup.

This jet issue will be one of the topics on the table in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Turkey will be looking for a balance against the U.S. and the European forces that failed to act as allies. The government is discussing how to do this.

A radical entrance into the Russia/Asia line is not suitable for the traditional geopolitical, sociopolitical codes of Turkey. But as for real politics, it is not logical to be enemies with the Russia-Asia line and put all the eggs into the Atlantic monster's basket.

Even if a marriage will not come true, it will look for the way for an engagement or a strong partnership. There will be a change in the paradigm, both economically and politically and militarily.

Domestic politics, ideologies and congregations

All of us woke up in one night. Our children grew up in one night. All the ideologies, obsessions, viewpoints, and camps disappeared in one night. Love for the country threw away all the other feelings and ideas. Islamists, nationalists, leftists, liberals, Kurds and Alevis all of a sudden woke up as if waking up to a nightmare. They said, “If no country exists, none of us will exist.” They united and stopped the tanks together.

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Republican People's Party (CHP) united around the president. And the president embraced them and forgot about all the cases and angers.

Yet we understood how the ideologies blinded and robotized the people when they scattered bombs upon us.

Congregations, religious groups, organizations, parties, associations are all have their thinking hats in front of them. What if we are blinded, charmed and hypnotized? The big change of the paradigms in Turkey has started. We will witness this in each field. The most important one is happening today in the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meeting today.

This is what “there is good in calamity” probably means.


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