The country of another world - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

The country of another world

This is a country of contradictions. A country in which black and white, rich and poor, hunger and waste, beauty and ugliness, independence and captivity, hope and pessimism all live together... I have always been curious and found more in the Republic of South Africa.

The most savage example of colonialism

This is a country in which savage colonialism was exercised in its most severe form and its dark- skinned people suffered most. The first colonists here were the Dutch (1652-1792). This followed colonization by the British (1792-1948) and then again by the Dutch of African descent between 1948 and 1994.

Can you imagine, until the year 1994, there were benches blacks could not sit on, buses and ambulances they could not ride in.

The world's most racist and discriminatory people lived here, and still do. Despite them boasting about their physical beauty, their hearts were so ruthless that they felt the need to hide it.

No other nation but the South African white race (African-Boer), saw their race as a blessing above all other creations, that had the right to enslave the rest of humanity (except the Jews of course.) Therefore, the relations between South Africa and Israel have always been good.

Today the racist regime (Apartheid) has officially ended; however, it actually continues. You can still see a white man speaking to a black man without looking him in the eye, thinking nothing of him.

'We will kill more people'

Think of it this way: White men get off ships, invade and take your land from you. Then they enslave you, take your children from you and sell them as slaves in other parts of the world. Then you are chained in your own land and forced to work this way until you are no longer fit to work, which means you are killed. The most terrifying stories humanity will hear happened on this land.

The Xhosan tribe leader asked the Dutch colonists who committed bloody massacres: “How would you feel if one day we freely walked into the Netherlands and occupied it?” The Dutchman responded: “Sign the agreement that forces you to give your land to us, or we will kill more people.” The democracy the English and Dutch boast about in Europe never came to South Africa in 350 years.

Tragedies lived in tin houses

The most striking contradiction seen on the streets is wealth and poverty. The world's richest gold and diamond mines are here; however, the British still have the right to extract these mines. The blacks, who cannot benefit from this wealth at all, live in tin houses on the same streets as wealthy Englishmen.

Vao, an African living in one of these tin houses, said to me, “This is how we lived before Mandela and after him, we have always been hungry. Matiba's [Mandela] struggle remains half complete.”

More than 40,000 poor Africans who live in these tin houses die from drugs and alcohol. AIDS and other contagious diseases come after hunger. Yet everything bad is done by the blacks.

Neither Syria nor the Middle East are mentioned

Neither the civil war in Syria, the tragedy in the Middle East or the refugee crisis in Europe make it as far as the agenda of this isolated and disassociated country. It is like the country of another world. The white agenda consists of the failure of the black government, the Rugby champion, the Oscars and Leonardo Di Caprio, new healthy living styles and the ironic state of blacks who try to turn white.

The blacks however, continue to feel sorry for their unchanging fate and worry about their financial difficulties while playing host to Ghanaian and Zimbabwean refugees in their tin houses. It is as though people of different worlds are living different lives in the same city.

Cape of Good Hope becomes a colonial route

The psychology of a colonized society is very different. These people almost develop a “slavery gene.” That gene can cause the leader of the world's most powerful country to feel incapable against a white man. It is hard for us who have never experienced colonization to understand such a feeling.

The abundant natural beauties of this country (forests, rivers, orchards) maintain their majesty despite having been looted for hundreds of years. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other, this country has splendid beauty.

When the Cape of Good Hope was discovered in 1488, it was given this name so it could bring hope to humanity. However, this discovery ended up being a route to the most pitiless and tragic colonization that humanity experienced at the hands of the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Belgium. Africa and Asia are filled with such bitter stories.


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