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The Jarabulus-FETÖ line...The rook moved

After U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's plane departed from Riga, his advisers and diplomats opened two Turkey dossiers while up in the air. Gathering around the table they explained to the U.S.'s second man (although he doesn't have much operational authorization) what would happen when they landed.

Why did Biden want to hug everyone?

The first dossier was on Syria. They gave the details of two secret operations Turkey had been conducting for the last 10 days: “The Turkish Armed Forces have entered Syria and are advancing toward the Jarabulus area.”

The second dossier was on the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) issue, the currently most critical issue between Turkey and the U.S. He was reminded that FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen was not to be handed to Turkey, but at the same time he was to give warm messages and photos to Turkey to smooth out relations. He looked at the advisers and smiled half confused and half teasing.

While the news that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) entered Syria was just echoing around the world, Biden's plane landed in Ankara. Biden warmly cuddled everyone who came to welcome him at the airport, hoping to send across friendly messages. This included the ambassador, deputy governor, the garrison commander, district governor and even the police officers. But this warm attitude he wanted to give off was not accepted by everyone, as they were all waiting to hear what he had to say about the FETÖ issue.

While touring the bombed Parliament, Biden could not hide his astonishment. He turned to Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman and could not stop himself from saying, “July 15 is like America's Sept. 11. I wish Gülen wasn't in the States.” He then turned to Parliament's second clerk and gave him a hug.

The rook moved from where it was stuck

The reality is that Turkey was like a rook on a chessboard. The opponents, the king and queen, had cornered him with their pawns. They even tried to knock over the rook with the knight (a Troy horse). But they did not succeed.

In the end, Turkey managed to get out of the corner it was trapped in and was back in the game. First of all, the rook crushed the Knight (Troy). Then moved toward Syria to crush all the pawns. The U.S. was not strong enough to stop this. Therefore, during his press conference, Biden said that the PYD forces would move back from the west of the Euphrates, indicating that the U.S. did not want to sacrifice their pawns.

Turkey was back in the game after freeing itself from the corner it was trapped in. The operation will not happen west of the Euphrates.

U.S. policy has collapsed

If Russia, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have declared that they have reached an agreement on Syria's territorial integrity, this means that the U.S.'s hopes to found a Kurdish state in the north of Syria with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) have fallen apart. Therefore, it has no choice but to compromise with Turkey.

This then means that the region stretching from the Euphrates to Azaz (the 93-kilometer east-west stretch) and the area from Jarabulus to Al Bab (the 50-kilometer north-south stretch) will be cleared from the PYD and Daesh. This will be an unnamed safe zone.

The chessboard has given indications that there will be radical changes with this particular move. Firstly, Turkey now has the upper hand in terms of spirits in the field/game. This high spirit will hopefully increase the success of the rook.

There will be great changes in the region

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Massoud Barzani, who visited the Parliament after Biden, said, “There will be great changes in the region.”

It is undoubtedly a historic day. The Turkish military has overtly entered Syria for the first time since 1915 with its tanks, cannons and jets. The spirit this has created in the country has slightly eased the pain of our martyrs.

But do not get the impression that this is a limited move. If the rook, which harbors the oppressed, has moved back into the game, and if it has the upper hand, we can be ensured to see that forward-looking moves will continue.

Like a tight archery bow, Turkey will make a strong move as shooting an arrow: tense at first, and then released.


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