The miracle organization: ISIL - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

The miracle organization: ISIL


Due to the most unsuccessful Middle East policy in their history, the U.S. lost credibility in the region. With Syria being in the first place, the U.S. couldn't solve the problems in the region and Russia took the stage again. Obama had been criticized a lot due to that. One day, the reckless ISIL, who chops people's heads, appeared. Together with the coalition forces, the U.S. saved the innocent Yezidis, Kurds, Arabs and Christians from the grasp of ISIL. This way, Obama got rid of being criticized for his Syria and Middle East policies. On top of that, the U.S. found the possibility to establish a new saved region in the North of Syria.

Syria :

After killing 200,000 people and exiling millions more, the Assad regime asked the following question to the Western countries, who were about to say “that's enough”; “Are you planning to overthrow me and bring ISIL, who blows up artifacts, turns women into sex slaves and chops people's heads off, to power in Syria?” After that, the West had given up on intervening, and Assad continued his massacres.


The more chaos in the region, including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and Libya, the more Europe reinforced its economy by selling weapons, ammunitions and equipment. Europe wanted the Muslim countries to fight between each other, lose power and always objected to theestablishment of an alternative civilization. Due to this policy, Muslims become the most hated segment in Europe and Islamophobia resurrected. Thus, Europe answered the criticisms towards itself as follows; “Everything happened because of ISIL, who turned children into sex slaves, and burn people alive by pouring gas over them.”


Germany never wanted Turkey, whom they regard as their biggest enemy, to become strong in the region and develop. Germany participated in the coalition force against ISIL, started supporting the PKK/PYD forces openly against ISIL, entered Northern Iraq and started providing Peshmergas, Yezidis and the PYD with military training and equipments. Thus, they started conducting the most effective intelligence activities in the region.


By siding with the Assad regime in the Syrian war, Russia and China became collaborators to the massacres. Thus, Russia came face to face with the U.S. Even so, they started covering up Assad's usage of chemical weapons. In a period, where the intense oppressions and criticisms increased, just before Western interference happened, ISIL was revealed. Russia published the images of ISIL's head-chopping incidents, and accused the U.S. by saying; “They were going to replace Assad with ISIL”. Nobody criticized Russia and China for supporting Assad after that.


Iran is the most important country which has its military fighting in Syria. At the risk of stirring up the whole Sunni world, they supported the Assad regime, thus, lost thousands of people and billions of dollars. After publishing ISIL's bombing of Shi'ite holy shrines and head-chopping activities, Iran said; “We are fighting against barbarism, we are doing this for humanity, not for sect.”

Iraq :

Iraq, which had been disintegrated after Saddam, had been disintegrated once again, and a Shi'ite government, which is the esatellite of Iran, had been established in Baghdad. As the rights, incomes of the Sunnis, along with their influence on the country administration, started to disappear; Sunni tribes reached the point of rebellion. ISIL, after appearing out of nowhere, captured Mosul, humanity dramas began and head-chopping images became widespread. The Baghdad administration invited the Western Coalition to the country and the ISIL headquarters in Mosul and other regions were bombed. Sunni tribes were compelled to keep silent. Shi'ite Baghdad administration continued being in power and gained more strength with military support.


The assumption was that; when the Resolution Process in Turkey was completed, their armed lives would be coming to an end, also. Suddenly, one day ISIL appeared. PKK/PYD perceived ISIL as a threat. They went to the coalition forces (U.S.) and offered their assistance to clean Northern Syria from ISIL. Thus, the U.S. accepted to provide them with air support and form cooperation. The Kobani war happened this way. Then, the Rojawa project, which is directed at forming a completely autonomous government in that region, and transmitting the Kurdish petrol from that region had been offered to the U.S. The U.S. accepted that also. Tel Abyad happened this way. After ISIL went away, PYD exiled all the ethnic factors, other than Kurds, from the region. When they were questioned, they replied; “We are cleaning ISIL from the region”.


They were going to be erased from the scene together with PKK, who was supposed to lay down their weapons after the Resolution Process. Thus, the anti-violence Kurdish group was going to take to the political stage. One day, ISIL entered a conflict with PYD in Kobani. HDP raised hell by saying,“The government is helping ISIL; they are chopping the heads of Kurds and raping women.”Demirtaş made a calling and directed all the Kurds in Turkey to the streets. Cities were burned, 50 civilians lost their lives. In Europe, the U.S. and all the Kurdish regions in Turkey, HDP talked about how the government formed cooperation with ISIL and chopped the Kurds, and this way made intense propaganda. This was one of the biggest reasons behind AK Party's loss of Kurdish votes. The Resolution Process had been laid aside, PKK stayed in Qandil with their weapons, HDP entered the parliament and AK Party fell from power.


CHP, who visited and supported Assad, the killer of thousands of people, had received great criticism due to that. One day ISIL appeared. CHP accused the government for supporting ISIL, who chopped heads and are enemies of the Shi'ite, and kept mentioning the MIT trucks. CHP claimed that this was the reason they supported Assad against the barbarians. Nobody criticized CHP for supporting Assad after that.

Gülen-led group:

The Gülen-led group, which attempted a coup to overthrow the government but failed doing so, stopped the MIT trucks and personnel that were on their way to Syria. They published the news that these trucks contained weapons and those weapons were on their way to ISIL, who killed Kurds, Westerners and journalists and turned women into slaves. In almost every European city, they claimed that Hakan Fidan was the one who organized it, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was the one who gave the order, and that both should be put on trial at the International Court of Justice. Nobody asked questions to the Gülen-led group regarding education and religious matters and were never interested in whether they attempted a coup or not.

Doğan Media:

Throughout his rulership, Erdoğan never paid attention to the Doğan media nor allowed them to design politics. Doğan lost his power and his writers experienced a crisis. One day ISIL appeared, and kidnapped Turkish diplomats and their families. The opposition writers, who were experiencing a crisis, hailed down on the government and accused them for acting soft against ISIL and failing to save their citizens.

The Doğan Media published all the scary actions of ISIL on their front pages. After that, they participated in the “ISIL is chopping Kurds, the government is supporting ISIL” campaign. They discovered the Great Kurdish politician, Selahattin Demirtaş, and supported him. HDP exceeded the threshold, AK Party fell from power, and the country was forced intoto a coalition government. The media is always the biggest partner of the rulerships in coalitions.

The beginning of everything :

In 2012, the Anatolia Agency (AA) opened an office in Aleppo and started publishing news from there. In analysis news they published, they mentioned that the opposition group, which called themselves ISIL, is not fighting against the Assad regime, but only against other Sunni opposition groups and that this was the first example of such a situation in the region.

After these news articles, many sources started leaking information on the organization. An important source, whose name was kept hidden, said that the establishment of ISIL was very dark and that the elements, who are in contact with the Syrian, Saudi, American, Israeli and British intelligence agencies, developed the organization and used it. The agency published another analysis in this direction.

ISIL raided the AA office and destroyed all its equipment. Thus, AA was forced to leave Aleppo.


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