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The need for a new era

Politics and communication ask this question when starting a new task. Then, they plan and find a strategy. This is called a road map, strategy, game plan et cetera. Success is achieved by applying this strategy.

In order to ask “What do we want to do?” we first need to assess the situation. Let us evaluate our situation by looking at all the allegations:

Who are the real attackers?

Close to 100 citizens were killed in Ankara. Since June 7, 145 security personnel and 235 civilians have been killed. A total of380 of our people including those in Ankara have lost their lives. Our country's stability has been shaken, our inner peace destroyed and social fault lines instigated.

Well, who is the attacker? The PKK, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the People's Revolutionary Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) are the world's most dangerous organizations. This is the initial view we have.

Do these organizations have international links? Yes. But who? Russia, Iran, Syria, Israel, Germany are directly connected with these organizations, while the U.S., U.K. and China are connected indirectly.

What do these countries want to do? They want a Turkey without President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party); they want a Turkey that doesn't interfere with the Middle East; they want an introverted Turkey. They want to turn us into Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and Iraq.

In order to actualize this, they are making connections and cooperating with organizations, the media, businessmen, capitals, communities and nongovernmental organizations. There is a superior mind planning conspiracies, games and a civil war. Is that true?

Suppose that this is a comparative approach. It sounds exaggerative. Let's put it this way: They are trying to set us against each other, provoke us against each other and polarize us through hatred. They are trying to set the Alevi, Sunni, Kurd, Turk and Arab against each other... Did we hear all these detections from AK Party, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the Republican People's Party (CHP), the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and all the other political parties? Yes we did.

Do we have a plan against the superior mind?

Let's say everything said is true. It means we are at an advantage, as this means we know the plans of the superior mind. If we know their plans it will be easier for us to resist. Do we have a plan against these attacks that make us pay heavy costs? Let's stop here.

For instance, finding the attacker who committed the Ankara bombing is a criminal pursuit. Finding the foreign factors behind it, is an intelligence job. Tackling the international powers is economic, political and military planning. Do we have short-, medium- and long-term global plans and strategies against all this?

Then let's go back to the start and ask again: What do we want to do exactly? We want to protect Turkey's territorial integrity, national unity, economic value and regional power. I believe everyone would be likeminded on this including the opposition parties. All that remains is to plan and apply this objective on which everyone is likeminded.

Why don't we establish a superior mind?

Who can do this? Of course the government will. Everyone is expecting them to do it, everyone is waiting for this. The government has important organs including the president, the prime minister and the National Security Council. They will form this strategy, plan this game and find an all-inclusive implementation model. Am I right?

If you are talking about an international superior mind that is bright and very strong, then you would have to establish a superior mind too. If you are talking about a superior mind plan and attack, then you would have to plan and develop a defense model. If we are being attacked, then we have to get together, defend ourselves and even attack. A mutual oddness is apparent. Those who say they believe in this flag, this land, and this country are not participating in defending this country or even uniting. I am not talking about the PKK, ISIS, the DHKP-C or the parallel organization. Besides this, there are people criticizing and accusing the government. We can't just cover all these problems saying they are all “traitors.” That isn't the case, and this isn't the proper behavior.

If the foreign superior mind can control and use your Alevis, Kurds, religious groups, liberals and leftists and you cant regain these citizens, then you have a problem too. How can Iran, Syria, Germany, Israel and the U.S. possibly fool your citizens? Are they smarter than us, stronger than us, or are they closer to our people than what we are?

We need a new era

Betrayal has a reason. Even that can be abolished. If we continue to say “There is a superior mind, perception management, there is betrayal,” then the problem cannot be solved. Because the rhetoric period has ended. We now have to act as clever as the “superior mind” we keep on talking about. We have to protect our order and develop strategies. We need to frustrate their plans, save our people and develop smart strategies.

We need to make an effort to include everyone in the “us.” Neither the AK Party, nor the CHP, MHP, the military or the National Security Council owns this state. Everyone who believes in Turkey owns this country. We need to abolish all hurdles between us and develop an inclusive discourse.

In brief, we need a new era. The death of our 380 fellow citizens, should be a turning point to re-establish our unity and peace. If people in Ankara said peace and brotherhood and paid the price for this, this is precious. All things necessary should be done.

A new era begins with a new discourse, communication and language. Tomorrow we shall discuss this issue.


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