The victory of the opposition! - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

The victory of the opposition!

A political propaganda based on destroying rather than keeping people alive.

An expression whose foundation is based on hatred, rather than love.

A politics based on the annihilation of another and wiping out the other from the political scene.

A project that aspired the votes of the haters by taking the “We won't let you become the president” oath.

A mind that appeals to hatred, not hope…

Can there be an opposition with all of their arguments and political base that is fictionalized over all of the above?

Thirty-one political parties participated in the elections. The election campaigns of 30 of those have been the same. Their objective is AK Party and President Erdoğan. All 30 of them discredited AK Party and Erdoğan all around Turkey, rather than explaining themselves and their projects, and asked for votes to wipe them off the politics scene. Now, they are celebrating the results as a victory.

What's remained in your minds?

I'm writing this in a cold-blooded manner. I do not believe that democracy will develop by discrediting and destroying the opposition. However, in a country with an opposition like ours, there should also be worries about democracy.

Close your eyes, and think about the slogans and projects of the following three political parties.

These are what remained in my mind;

HDP: We won't let you become the President, Erdoğan.

CHP: Clap your hands, vote and let them go.

MHP: Walk with me Turkey, or the country will be disintegrated with the Presidential system.

All these slogans are creating negativity, destruction, alienation and decomposition in terms of communication.

The voters listened to all these slogans, but still they didn't open the rulership path to the opposition.

The biggest mistake of the opposition

Other than these catchy slogans that were reflected on the public, there is also a dangerous situation. When I was talking with people in Erzurum and Ağrı, HDP offices and places with a Kurdish population, this was what I've always heard; “Why shouldn't the Kurds have a party in the Parliament?”

Through all their local actors, HDP conducted intense pressure on the Kurdish nationalist veins and triggered a dangerous fault line. While provoking this fault line in all the capillary vessels of the East and Southeast with pressure and sensuality, in the West, they stated that they are democrats and the party of Turkey, not the Kurds.

HDP's existence in the Parliament, politics and on the table is open to the benefit-harm argument, and I will not object. However, in addition to HDP's political expression they fictionalized over hatred for Erdoğan, I have objection to their attempts to exist in politics by provoking the Kurdish and Alevi nationalism. This is the biggest malignancy that can be done to the Kurds, resolution process and country.

Turkey's most dangerous fault lines are the; Alevi, Kurdish and Turkish nationalism fault lines. Each of these three fault lines triggers each other. Against HDP's Kurdish nationalism, MHP's Turkish nationalism found response and naturally the other side of the pendulum was also effected. The more dangerous part of this is; a different vein within AK Party started to feel anger towards the Kurds.

Now, in the forthcoming days, we will see how the tensions in the Parliament will be reflected on the community. God forbid, I hope the incidents in Diyarbakır won't be the first signs of this.

They didn't vote for you out of their love

In my opinion, the most important matter for a politician is the feeling at the base of the vote he/she gets.

People didn't vote for Demirtaş out of their love towards him, they did out of their dislike towards Erdoğan. Can there be a more dramatic situation? This can't even be called entrusted votes, rather it can be called; “the votes of hatred”.

There is also another painful truth that is valid for all the opposition parties; AK Party lost the rulership due to their own mistakes, not due to your election successes. You also prayed day and night for AK Party to stumble, make mistakes and argue between themselves. Trying to take credit for this and turning it into an individual success is equal to being unable to read politics.

A true wrestler will never pray for his rival to slip, rather, he will show effort for his rival to stand strong. The opposition in Turkey showed no effort in trying to stand on their own legs, be strong, create ideas and develop projects for the nation. The AK Party hatred covered their minds so much, that they formed alliances with their enemies by violating and disregarding their principles.

An opposition that sacrifices everything

Come to think of it, they accepted cooperating with the Parallel Organization, despite knowing that the organization was under the control of a foreign power, gave the secrets of the country to our enemies, and recorded the private lives of all the valuable people in the country to blackmail them.

These elections, where everything in the name of having a backbone and being principled had been rummaged, had been a disappointment for the opposition. They were neither able to form a rulership, nor were the two of them able to come together and form a coalition. Was all the political corruption and drifting for the sake of this? In other words, did you sacrifice to be the opposition while you were already there?

As much as the rulership, the opposition also has responsibilities and duties in politics. They cannot act this irresponsibly. We haven't seen the results of the badly fictionalized politics of the opposition; yet. In the forthcoming days, we will understand the results of this hatred politics better.

Fortunately, AK Party is still standing strong as Turkey's main backbone. The nation voted for other parties as a reaction of their love. I'm sure that AK Party understood the great and archaic responsibility laid on their shoulders better now. They will get their act together and become a single rulership again, I'm sure of it. As long as they read the message of the nation well.


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