The West's chronicles of shame - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

The West's chronicles of shame

I will be telling you about incidents I witnessed in different regions. They have helped me understand Western civilization really well and to see their true faces. I am sure that if one day you end up going to any of these places, you too will witness the same thing.

Bosnia, the West's days of shame

Climbing over the Igman Mountains in 1995, I had secretly entered Sarajevo . This city, where the Winter Olympics had been held only recently, was wailing under the Serbian siege. The world was seeing on TV the hunger, civilian massacres in the market place and Serbian snipers killing children for pleasure.

They did not do a thing. They watched this savagery and concluded their notes of shame by eventually allowing mass murder in Srebrenica.

Those who handed Bosnian civilians to the Serbian slaughterers in that city, where mass graves are still unearthed today, were Dutch soldiers. The entire West watched as thousands of Bosnian Muslims were killed amid screams. That day in Bosnia, the "civilized" West failed the test of humanity.

Our wise king, former president of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Alija Izzetbegovic once said: "My child, the West has never been civilized."

North Africa, graveyard of the West's morality

One of the most disgraceful symbols of France's invasion of Algeria is the bridge near the capital. Thousands of Algerians were pushed off of the bridge built on this cliff and killed.

The Algerian authority who recounted this massacre to us was speaking in French, as France had banned their native language during the period of occupation. The effects of that ban still continue to this day. The French killed more than 1 million Algerian Muslims between 1945 and 1962.

The coup was about to take place in Egypt. Then EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton was at the head of European politicians who had supposedly come to intermediate. I also met with the Egyptian committee that spoke with her. What we had understood was that the West was going to support Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi's coup against the country's democratically elected president – they were only wasting time.

Supporters of then President Mohammed Morsi who were resisting against the coup had gathered at Cairo's Rabaa Square. A hundred thousand people were on the streets day and night. Western Media did not see or write or spread news of their resistance against the coup.

Eventually, Sissi carried out the coup. He killed thousands of people and injured tens of thousands in that square. Western media passed off the incident with minor news stories and European politicians stayed mute. Sometime later, Sissi was given the red-carpet treatment in Germany and France, with the heads of state greeting him. In exchange, Western companies were awarded hefty contracts.

Regardless of where you go in North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco or Libya , you will see people who will tell you about the genocide and massacres committed there by Western countries and the bans they placed.

Africa, the West's museum of savagery

You must visit the Republic of South Africa. There, you can see the most ruthless, most disgraceful, most racist traces of the Netherlands and U.K.'s apartheid regime in the history of humanity.

There are still signs of the period when black and white people were not allowed to sit on the same park bench, travel on the same bus or walk on the same road. Because that white racist regime had remained in power until 1994. Today, the white children of the Dutch and British colonialists continue to secretly rule South Africa and act superior to blacks.

As the Dutch soldiers were signing an agreement with the remaining blacks after committing a vast massacre on the South African lands they invaded in 1652, the following dialogue took place:

Xhosa chief: “If one day we come to the Netherlands and invade your lands, kill your people and then place an agreement in front of you, saying you are going to hand over these lands to us, how would you feel?”

Dutch commander: “Quick, sign this agreement or I will kill the rest of you too.”

A Maasai Mara native in Kenya's Serengeti Plains told me: "Many years ago, when the white man came here, they established the missionary center you see in the back there. They opened a church, a school and a hospital there. When treating us they also changed our language and religion."

You will hear the same stories regardless of which African country you visit – Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Congo, Angola, Namibia. Africa is the living museum of the most vicious of Western colonialism.

The number of people killed by the French in Rwanda alone is 800,000.

On my latest visit, which was to South America, I listened to astonishing stories on territories invaded by the Spanish, Dutch and British. The Spanish apparently killed 7 million of the 8 million Inca natives in Peru alone. The number of natives killed in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada and Mexico is unknown.

Years ago, Samoan chief Tuavii said: "The white man's god is money."

The true face of the Western community is colonialism

Colonial history is filled with stories of millions of people being killed, enslaved, exiled and left to die of starvation. Sadly, these were not told properly or allowed to be told.

As the West established fascist administrations based on torture and oppression in places it colonized and occupied around the world, it has allowed democracy to function only in their home territories.

What is certain is that the West is never in favor of multicultural, multi-religious, multilingual life. It has continued such a life only by forcing itself, and unwillingly. It has always been a racist, otherizing, colonialist and fascist community.

Today, Europe is returning to its factory setting. A while later, their violence, racism, animosity and fascist attitudes will take captive all of Europe, and primarily the Netherlands.

I am asking the real question again: What are we going to do against all of this? Can Islam be an alternative to Western civilization?

We shall continue the discussion tomorrow.

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