To the European intelligentsia: The new Reconquista is your fault - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

To the European intelligentsia: The new Reconquista is your fault

You are all witnesses to the refugee tragedy on European soils. Everything is happening before your very eyes.

The Danish parliament passed a resolution to seize refugees' monies and valuables. The Netherlands is discussing whether or not to put refugees on boats and send them to Turkey. The Austrian government is more conscientious; it is going to force the migrants to go back, but by plane! As for Sweden, it has started preparations to deport 80,000 refugees.

German politician Frauke Petry said police should shoot refugees if required. Greek soldiers were caught on video trying to sink refugee boats and leaving refugees to die. Italy is almost praying for refugee boats to sink in the Mediterranean.

Europol said at least 10,000 refugee children have gone missing in Europe in the last two years. It was reported that cases of rape and prostitution at numerous refugee camps in Europe increased, especially at Germany's Baden-Wuerttemberg refugee camp. It is all happening in front of our eyes.

Reconquista and the Holocaust in the 21st century

All this reminded us of two things:
The Reconquista movement to force Muslims and Jews in Spain/Andalusia out of their land, and the Jewish Holocaust in Adolph Hitler's concentrations camps during World War II. It is as though the refugee problem is driving Europe to remember and reveal the sins embedded in its genes. The points where refugees are waiting have each turned into concentration camps. Children are being abducted, taken by force and sold to the organ mafia and Europeans seeking to adopt and forced to become sex slaves.

Perhaps the famous Buchenwald or Auschwitz concentration camps were cleaner, tidier and healthier than the camps where refugees are staying in Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Denmark. The old camps were after all built with German discipline! In camps today, the most basic human rights, the right to live and rights to food, health care and accommodation are being violated.

You, the intelligentsia, who explain these terms to the world with pride and say that you are the successors of the Enlightenment period, are watching silently as it all happens. You did not even consider going to see these camps.

You speak proudly about the resistance of the thousands of poor women who marched to the Palace of Versailles of hunger during the French Revolution and act like Lafayette. However, you ignore the thousands of hungry Syrian women who come to your door, and act like Marie Antoinette toward them.

Had these camps been at any country other than Europe and refugees were raped there, the children were abducted and they were forced to exile, you would send delegates, publish manifestos and set the world on fire. Yet everything is happening on your territory, but you are silent.

Flag of Inquisition unfurled against the 'other'

As a new Reconquista and Holocaust are happening, I guess you are busy like Medieval priests and National Socialist scientists trying to find religious and scientific evidences for oppression. Europe is about to unfurl the flag of Inquisition again against different religions, cultures and the “others.” Whereas you, with your behavior, are disturbing Descartes, Kant, Rousseau and Locke in their graves while pleasing Alfred Rosenberg.

Your silence is as much as a crime as those exiling Muslims from Europe. Remember what happened in the past. Who else other than Bernard-Henri Levy spoke up against the human tragedy in Bosnia?

There are currently 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, and tens of thousands at the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon, living like slaves under conditions similar to the Auschwitz camp, and you continue to keep your silence. Thanks to you, every day the Israeli government disregards UN decisions and continues to invade Palestinian land and kill people.

When you kept your silence on Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, who carried out a military coup against Egypt's democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi, you reassured German Chancellor Angela Merkel who greeted him with a red carpet. When you refrained from reacting against Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is killing children in Syria with chemical weapons, and its supporter Iran, this encouraged French President François Hollande, who welcomed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at Versailles with great pleasure.

Which moral principle do you base showing reaction to the Paris attacks while keeping your silence in the face of tens of attacks in Ankara, Istanbul, Sana, Aleppo? Which conscience comforts you while you praise the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) guilty of terror and killing children in our country on a daily basis as the “independent Kurdish movement?” I know, you are no different to Nietzsche in regards to “morality and conscience,” I am writing in vain.

Send the refugees like your forefathers, we will embrace them

Briefly, you closed your eyes and ears toward all the tragedies and problems experienced by Muslims in the 21st century. You always saw these territories as scientific laboratories and our people as subjects.

Just like your forefathers who forced the Jews and Muslims onto ships in Andalusia in 1492 and sent them into the unknown Mediterranean waters, put the refugees on ships and send them.

Just like our forefathers, the Ottomans, who embraced these people 500 years ago, we will embrace the refugees deported by you. We will share our bread and land with them – just like we are currently sharing with 3 million refugees.

However, do not forget that as the new Reconquista and Holocaust of the 21st century unfolds, you will be remembered as the accomplice and abettor.


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