Trump milked the pastor for all his worth - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Trump milked the pastor for all his worth

It is nothing like you can imagine. U.S. President Donald Trump basically conducted a live broadcast for pastor Brunson on his Twitter account. “He was released. He went his home. He got on the plane. I will hug him in a minute…”

I counted it, he posted 15 tweets, shared four videos, went on three TV programs, and made two statements.

He talked about how he saved pastor Brunson, what a great man he is and how he got his blessings. Well, of course, he didn’t say to his voters “I want your blessings.” He said, “I want your votes, my Evangelist brothers.”

Even Kurt Russel tweeted to Trump saying, “You are the greatest president I have ever seen sir” (not kidding) as if he was saying to him, “What kind of a creature are you?” He replied by saying “Thank you.”

An unseen ceremony at the White House

Wait, I still haven’t told you about the best part. The part about the ritual at the White House. Trump had been reporting the developments since the pastor boarded his plane from Germany. As if that wasn’t enough, he made a statement: “Great man, spiritual leader Pastor Brunson is in the air (as if he was working a miracle). We can’t wait to have him in the White House. I can’t describe how we missed him. May God always keep him with us…” (amen!)

The gestures of the president with his hands, arms, lips, face, nose, and head made the speech much more interesting. Eventually, they got the whole media in the room with the fireplace. Nobody has ever seen a fire in that fireplace, but the room was still shimmering thanks to the spiritual light coming from pastor Brunson.

The “top” authorities of the state were there too. The vice president, secretary of state, secretary of defense, the interior secretary, senators, the priest of White House’s chapel (representing the spiritual world as they have no institution there like Directorate of Religious Affairs), director general for foundations (I still can’t figure out why he was there), the staff members of the White House and figures from the religious community were present there.

Trump gave the floor to pastor Brunson after saying, “I need your blessings more than anyone else in this room “father.” Well, he needs his blessings. The investigations opened against him have put Trump into a tight corner. Then there are also next month’s elections. Actually, he needs the Pope’s help, not Brunson’s.

After taking the floor, Brunson started to perform a ritual which was unseen in the history of the White House. First, he kneeled. He put his hands on Trump’s shoulders (Trump was surprised for a moment). He pulled a prayer text from his pocket (it seems his memory is weak). And then started chanting. The congregation there accompanied with awe and chanted “amen, amen Jesus.”

If you ask me, it was as if they were chanting Luke from the Bible for the soul of secularism. Anyway, our subject is not the secularism debate.

Prayers and amens for Trump

The prayer was interesting. He asked God to give Trump “perseverance, and endurance and courage to stand for truth. I ask that you to protect him from slander from enemies, from those who would undermine. I ask that you make him a great blessing to this country. And we bless him. In Jesus' name, we bless you. Amen.”

You should see Trump when he was lowering his head and saying amen, (a man who once upon a time was the king of show business, a man who the number of women he harassed is unknown). There was never such a spiritual president in the history of the White House.

While everybody was chanting amen, National Security Advisor Bolton was crossing his legs and ignoring the ceremony. Because he is an old member of the foreign affairs, in other words, he is a “monsieur.” That is why he keeps his distance from religious matters. Unimportant details.

Brunson finished the prayer, but the ceremony was not over. This time, his excellent wife started. She also chanted prayers resembling “Ayat-al Kursi.” The congregation accompanied her by chanting amen.

A pastor who turned into an election campaign

This ceremony was broadcasted live to the entire world. As if this wasn’t enough, Trump made many video clips, captions, and vines about this ceremony and shared them on his social media accounts.

Fox TV was giving last minute updates, and talking about the miracles of Brunson and the victories of Trump, while referring to the president as a political genius.

Brunson virtually turned into the leading actor of Trump’s election campaign. It was something unseen in the history of America that a president took this much advantage of a pastor. Well, after this, Evangelists who have become a very strong power central in the U.S., will probably vote for Trump. If they are not ungrateful of course!

What did we gain?

In one of his tweets, Trump said “There was NO DEAL made with Turkey for the release and return of Pastor Andrew Brunson. I don’t make deals for hostages.” And there he put up a wall. Brunson is in the background of the issue. We will soon see what he was negotiating for and what he had to give up. However, we should’ve returned the word “hostage” back to him. You got your pastor back, why are you still accusing us, you ungrateful man?

Some people are asking me about what happened to some members of the media who were referring to pastor Brunson as a “spy” or who were claiming that “he was going to become the director of the CIA”, or those who were saying he was “leading the coup.” I think they are doing just fine! They are minding their own business, as always.

If you really want to read something serious: I personally have never believed that Brunson was a spy. He was a priest. He was an important man. He was convicted of aiding and abetting terrorist organizations. The time he served was taken into account and he was released, which was good. We got rid of him!

If you ask, “what did we gain?” we will wait and see. Even if we didn’t gain anything, at least we got his blessings. There is no need to be pessimistic!


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