Two notions that expanded the West and brought it down - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Two notions that expanded the West and brought it down

Let's leave aside the discussions about the referendum on the constitutional amendments that we have been focusing on and try to see the overall picture.

There is a very important topic that needs to be discussed. I am talking about the change and tremor taking place in the world. We cannot build Turkey's future without understanding this.

There is serious confusion about the discussions and tremors in the West. Although I do not have an academic title from the social sciences, I will try and touch on the issue.


There are different views on the reasons for the tremor in the West:

  1. Those who see the epicenter of the tremor on the surface believe that there is a problem in the European Union.
  2. Those who believe the epicenter is a little deeper, believe there are problems in globalism and capitalism.
Those who believe the epicenter of the tremor is deeper, believe that there is a quake rumbling the roots of Western civilization.

Although we are low in number, I would argue a third option. Western civilization is going through a serious crisis and is thus experiencing the tremor it has caused. Let me explain my reasons.


I believe modernism, the civilization that the West created yet had effects on the whole world, rose on two notions, came to power through them and finally started to collapse because of them.

1. Control more

2. Earn more

The West has put these two notions at the center of its life since the 17th century. In order to control everything and hold all the power in its hands it started the biggest wars and destructions humans have ever witnessed.

This went to the extent of it believing that it could control and dominate nature. In the end, it ruined nature. Now it is trying to find reasons for climate change and cries over the end of the world coming.


The motive to control everything created colonialism and imperialism. This is the main motive for the U.K. traveling to the other ends of the world, to the Americas and Australia, to dominate two-thirds of the world. France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and lastly the U.S. all took action with the same motive. Colonialism followed by imperialism is how they ruined the world.

Why should everything be controlled? Why do we have to have ships in the Pacific Ocean, bases in the Mediterranean and colonies in Africa? Are we starving or are we homeless? Only a few Western intellectuals have asked these questions.

On the contrary, the race to hold power in their hands led the world into two pitiless wars. Millions of people died because of colonialist imperialist dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Winston Churchill and George W. Bush, all of whom wanted to dominate more places.

One of modernism's greatest sins is this desire to control everything and dominate. All of the refugees that are being denied entry are the children of countries that have been colonized and occupied. They are actually in search of the rights that were stolen from them.


Although the desire to earn more sounds more innocent than the desire to control more, it is the main reason for the destruction of humanity. The desire to earn more has bred capitalism and globalism. I have been asking this for years: Why would a rich man who has enough wealth for the next 10 generations want to earn more? Think about it: The wealth of the world's richest eight people ($426 billion) is more than the combined wealth ($409 billion) of 3.2 billion people, which is half the world's population.

But these eight people still want to earn more. Why? Why has a Western intellectual not asked this question out loud?

They are opening up their factories in countries with cheap labor and thus exploiting the world in a different way. This is what capitalism and globalism are about.

Those who voted for Donald Trump to become U.S. president and voted for Brexit are those who object to globalism and capitalism. Capitalism not only brings poverty to third world countries, it also brings poverty to Western countries.

But what they should really oppose is the urge to earn more, which is the essence of capitalism.


The West has not yet identified the reason for the tremors it is experiencing. However, last Saturday, Feb. 4, Pope Francis made a very important speech addressing people in the finance world:

“The rules for the socio-economic game need to change. When money becomes the aim it turns into an idol. Capitalism, which turns money into an idol, makes the poor poorer and vitiates moral values. Unbridled capitalism is a new kind of bullying.”

The Vatican, which was a major player in the foundation of modernism but lost its role later on, is now aware of the danger and is thus openly issuing warnings.

However, it is too late. The wave that comes from deep down will cause enormous destruction and it seems like it will affect the whole world. But are we ready for this?


If I had an academic title, I would have written this article using big words. My article would then be published in a prestigious magazine with my signature at the bottom starting with “Dr.” But I am only a mortal columnist.


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