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We are looking for a way out

Recently, my friends are telling me that I'm acting stressed, worried and angry. They are right; I'm still pursuing an issue and haven't found the answer for it yet. I'm looking for a way out, like you; an exit that will lead us to salvation.

If you look at the region we are in; you will understand my worries. In the widest ring; there is a Russia, Ukraine, Greece and the European Union, who has problematic relations with those three countries, crisis. This is affecting us in terms of economy, tourism, energy and international relations. This year, our economic data will be mostly affected by this.

The cyclone that dragged down the Islam world

In the second ring, take a look at the world of Islam. There the situation is dire.

For a long time now, I've been asking people, whom I trust in terms of knowledge, the following question; “When will the Islam world get out of the great chaos and swirl?” I'm trying to talk about this matter with the scientists, intellectuals, journalists and politicians, not only in Turkey, but also in countries like Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, Qatar and Syria. We couldn't find an answer yet.

Our situation looks like a cyclone that is gradually growing wide and is affecting us. A cyclone which has Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the center, but also drags dozens of others around it too. This cyclone, which has enough power to lift trees along with their roots and hurl cars - objects, is ruining everything it surrounds and throws them to a corner. Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt already fell into ruin, which they will not recover for years. Next in line is; Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey.

We can all see that this cyclone is coming towards us. Now that cyclone caught us from the North of Syria; from the special region PKK/PYD desires to establish. If we are to take into consideration that Turkey will never allow a PKK/PYD government south of its borders, and, a U.S. and Great Britain supported PKK/PYD will be insisting on doing this; we can guess the direction of the cyclone and what will happen to us.

We are also looking for a way out for ourselves

Thus, while looking for a way out of the chaos experienced by the Islam world, we already started looking back at ourselves and arguing over how we will find a way out of this incoming threat.

In other words; we are talking about the smallest ring.

We have other situations that will make it difficult to talk. There is a party in our Parliament that has the possibility to support the PKK/PYD government that will be formed in Syria. They haven't stated this openly yet; however, if you enter the social media, you will see obscene words and the campaign conducted there.

Qandil announced that the Resolution Process is officially over. After all, they were never on the side of resolution. All the militants in Qandil are now fighting at Rojawa in Syria, for the line they want to establish. The public doesn't know about the new weapons given to those militants. Those weapons are dangerous enough to start worrying.

Every hot conflict there results with shrapnel pieces landing in Turkey. Now think about it; what will happen when our military enters Syria and fight against PKK/PYD and ISIL? What will the ones, who burned cities during the Kobani incident and caused the deaths of 50 civilians, do in the case of a hot conflict?

What's more dire is; Iran and Syria intelligence agencies are pursuing an active and constant provocation towards Turkey with all their might. These are the countries that incite Hezbollah and PKK conflicts. You can now think about what the British, Israeli, German and U.S. intelligences are doing in Syria and Turkey.

How we will enter the war?

In other words, the matter of entering Syria is not an easy matter.

However, the establishment of a PKK/PYD government all along Turkey's borders is equal to Turkey being uncomfortable and unhappy eternally. Because, in the second phase, they will desire to take away lands from Turkey. Thus, we have to talk about it.

I guess you've started to understand my worries.

In this extremely critical process, another difficulty for us is the fact that our government is not established yet. Actually, the most important situation that affects the coalition conditions is the Syria matter that turned into a spiral with the Kurdish issue. CHP is supporting Assad. HDP is supporting PYD. Both of them refuse an operation against Syria. MHP is against the Resolution Process, and they are almost declining the existence of the Kurds. We will find a way out of this equation, form a coalition, and then solve our problems with that coalition…

As people start to see the difficulty of actualizing this; everyone is steering towards early elections. An early election in November is equal to prolonging the present state of bureaucracy and system for another 5 months. Add another two months on top of that; oath ceremonies, establishing the government, etc… We are approaching this schedule with the “AK Party's single rulership” thesis; what if it doesn't happen that way? Then, prolong this process even more.

Is AK Party ready for early elections?

Then, what will happen to the incoming cyclone during this process? It's not like it's going to wait. It will surround us even more. An official declared the north of Fırat River as the red line; what happens if that line is violated? Will we enter war while we are heading for elections with a government that is in a lame duck position? Even now, the communication power and the power to form a public opinion are captured by the government opponents. How will a government, which lost its supremacy inside and outside, explain its rightfulness to the public in a case of hot conflict that will affect great masses?

Did you start feeling scanty, strained and having headaches? That's how I exactly feel like. Let me increase your worries by saying one more thing. Did AK Party, who lost 9% of its votes in the recent elections and lost the rulership, make out the necessary lessons? Will AK Party enter the early elections by fixing the situations that caused them to lose votes? What will AK Party say to the Kurdish voters and about the Resolution Process that changed the fate of elections? If they haven't done any of those; will AK Party become a single rulership once again?

I don't know about you, but, I'm even drowning in nuisances as I'm writing this article. Since the article doesn't have any ideas that present a resolution suggestion and a way out; I'm not really happy with it. I couldn't find a way out; so my mind allows me to write up to this point. If anyone has an idea, which will save us from these stressful situations, I'll be happy to listen to them.


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