What Europe does not understand, how does the ecosystem of terror work? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

What Europe does not understand, how does the ecosystem of terror work?

The ecosystem of terror works as the system in nature.

If the lake evaporates here, it falls as rain on the other side.

If it rains a lot here, it flows as a flood on the other side.

The problem of not understanding this system comes from the genetics of modernism. Westerners are famous for damaging the kidney to treat an eye.

This is because they cannot understand the ecosystem of the body.

Oleander tree planted in the Middle East

The bombs France planted in Algeria, Africa and Syria, grow in Paris and the fruits fall in front of it there. Just as the US watering al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the branches of that oleander tree ruined Washington and New York on September 11.

As for Belgium, it has not confessed to the sin of Rwanda yet. Now it has been trying to understand how the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) plant that has been growing in the vase could actually secretly take root and ruin that house one day.

Europe earned the hatred of the people of each country it invaded and exploited. A significant number of these people migrated to Europe, taking their hatred with them.

The wind of hatred that burns and destroys the suburbs of Paris and the outskirts of London actually comes from the lands exploited and invaded in the Middle East.

But understanding this ecosystem, Europe cannot see that this rain is the evaporation in the Dead Sea, this flood is the result of blocking off the Euphrates and Tigris.

Terror has been living, spreading, growing and strengthening, thanks to its special ecosystem. The awkward Europe does not know that while striking Daesh in Syria and feeding the PKK, it has actually been feeding two wild animals together – one is a hyena and the other is a hungry wolf. It has been feeding one with weapons and the other with hatred.

The mindset of the West works with simple mathematics: “Support terror organizations secretly, let them wear out and weaken the enemy countries.”

What you call a terror organization looks like a hyena which can never be tamed. You feed it, give it flesh but you can never guarantee that it won't bite you one day. Just as the US was feeding al-Qaida and got its arm caught on September 11.

Those who appeal to terror become the captives of terror.

How do the terror organizations mutate?

In the lands where all the terror organizations attack Turkey today, they will never be able to guess just as a tree, where the roots of it will reach.

The outlawed PKK, Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) and the parallel structure took such root that one day these organizations will mutate in the US and Europe and become organizations that will hit Europe and the US.

Similar to microbes evolving and mutating in order to live in nature, terror has also evolved.

Al-Qaida, which was formed and grown by America, evolved and turned into Boko Haram, al-Shabab, al-Nusra and finally Daesh.

In order to live under all the climates, the PKK has always been changing. It was transformed into organizations such as the Democratic Union Party (PYD), People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), and it has been spreading its presence. You will see, if they try to leave the PKK out in Europe, leftist organizations whose names you will hear for the first time will appear and shed blood in Europe.

Who actually organized the attack in Brussels?

One day this truth will be understood: It is possible that the PKK had the Brussels attack organized by Daesh; Daesh had the İstiklal Avenue attack organized by the DHKP-C and the DHKP-C had another attack organized by the PKK. It is not important who got which tender from which country and who had it done.

The Brussels attack has to be considered like that.

This is how the ecosystem of terror works. In order to exist, the trees vaccinate and seed each other and the outcome is a crossbred and evolved terror plant cover.

This is what Europe failed to understand.

It is still taking military and security measures. It cannot end the terror problem as long as it continues to do this.


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