What should you do against terror? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

What should you do against terror?

We are under the attack of the most dangerous terror organizations – the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Daesh and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). After the Gaziantep attack, what the state, government, security forces and politicians should do has been discussed aplenty.

Well, apart from them, what should the people, you and we do?

1. Keep the spirit of July 15 alive

The most important thing that will defeat terror is the domination of the spirit of July 15 in the entire society. To maintain the domination of this spirit in all cities and parts of this country, make an effort, spread and strengthen as well.

2. Unite with all parts of society

Terror makes an effort to estrange the society from the state, hurt the national unity and break the spirit of sovereignty.

The biggest trump of terror is separating the society and causing conflict. Be aware of this.

The sovereignty of the Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis, Alevis, leftists, nationalists and Islamists is the biggest fear of terror.

Say the things, do the acts and produce symbols that will increase this sovereignty.

3. Protect your common values

Dignify your common values, protect and strengthen them.

Protect values such as the flag, country, nation, state, adhan – the Muslim call to prayer – and martyr.

When you see somebody who wants to render one of them unimportant, criticize and ignore; oppose them and do not allow it. These values are the cement of this society; do not forget.

4. Protect those who have love for the country

Oppose everyone who wants to alienate any citizen that is living in your country and is defending the common values whatever his views and belief are and wants to make them your enemies.

Just keep in your mind that they are not people who think about the benefits of this country.

Stand by whoever has love for this country.

5. Oppose those who talk about separation

Just keep in mind that whoever has been talking about our separation and differences, inciting them and putting them forward rather than our common values, are not well-intentioned. Do not give value to these people, do not listen to them, object to them and react against them. Do not believe everything said on social media and do not listen to every voice.

6. Do not become desperate

Do not fall into desperation. Do not be hopeless. This country overcame so many troubles and will overcome the things it has been facing today, believe in this. Never neglect to pray, work hard for your country, be a part of defending the country and prevent evil.

7. Bring up your children as good people

Protect your children. Do not allow your children to fall into the hands of the blind ideologies, psycho organizations and dark focuses. Be involved in the education of your children at home, bring them up with the love of the country, nation, flag, and adhan and make them useful individuals for their country. Raise your children as good citizens who take a role and will have a word to say in the future of this country.

8. Be conscious, sensitive and careful

Be awake, conscious and careful. Report to the authorities whoever is ill-intentioned, harms your country and supports terrorism. Keep in your mind that this is a civic duty and for the safety of your soul. While doing this, pay maximum attention to distinguish the innocent and pure people from the bad ones.

9. Support your leaders and state

Keep in your mind that we have a president, prime minister, government, opposition, security forces and good people who try to work heart and soul against the international pressures, the powers that try to invade your country, and see that this is a big gain. Show your support for these people at every chance, send messages to encourage them and listen to their call and pray.

10. Recognize well the special and brave people

We have been passing through hard times, tough tests and difficult fights. Special and brave people appear at such times. Know these people well, hold their hands and never leave them. Whatever their belief, view and personality, never forget that these people are the true patriots and your true friends.

11. Get ready for a long struggle

Prepare yourself for a long struggle, a long fight and rough roads. Do not expect that everything will be over today and tomorrow. If you cannot be stronger, more determined, more decisive and more resistant against the enemies of your country, you cannot beat them.

Prepare yourself, your family and friends for this, organize them for this and take your position on the line of defense.

12. Ask for God's help

Keep in your mind that God is the greatest helper of those who have good intentions and are sincere people. Trust Him and ask for His help.


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