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Which is the greater threat? PKK, Syria, Iran, Russia

There is always a point of stress in an issue. When you find what the point of stress is, you have taken an important step toward solving the problem. Finding this point of stress is of vital importance for politicians. Everything can be newsworthy for a journalist, yet only one point gets to make it to the headline.

What causes the greatest problems for us in terms of diplomacy? The point determined becomes the point of stress for diplomacy.

What is the biggest threat for Turkey currently? All concepts and strategies are determined according to the answer to this question.

I have a single answer for all the above questions: The biggest threat to Turkey is Russia.

Do not miss the point of stress, see the main threat

The PKK kills a person in our country every day. That's true.

Syria is a bleeding wound we have that hurts us every day. True.

Iran has turned the region into a fire zone because of its expansionist and denominational politics. True.

However, the power behind all of the above is Russia. Move Russia out of the region, and there will be no problem. The main point of stress is Russia, the rest are secondary factors.

Russia gives Iran all the guns it needs, military logistics and allied support. Russia fulfills all military needs of Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah. All the ammunition Iran uses in Yemen is provided by Moscow. The bombs the People's Protection Units (YPG) used in the Ankara attacks were sent from Moscow.

Russia has literally besieged Turkey from the Caspian, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, like a three-armed monster. Armenia is increasing its power on the ground in Crimea, Syria, Iran and Iraq by the day.

The US is politically incapable, the EU is leaderless; thus, the stage is Russia's

The UN does not make any decision to the detriment of Russia. Europe is scared and they do not want Russia to afflict trouble on them as it has to Ukraine.

The US has politically crashed and is incapable. Thus, it does not want to confront Russia. The US has negotiated with Russia on a cease-fire that excludes al-Nusra and Daesh. Meaning, Russia will continue to shell the Turkmens and opposition forces, claiming that they are hitting Daesh. Syrian President Bashar Assad has cheered up and is planning to run as a candidate in the elections in his country, which he destroyed with 20,000 barrel bombs.

Russia has seen incapable US President Barack Obama and leaderless Europe, thus has shown up to plunder the region. Russia is in a hurry, as the US elections are near. Before the new president is elected, Russia is trying to grab what it can.

Russia and Iran's new invasion plans

Iran's religious leader Khamenei's adviser Ali Akbar Velayati has announced the occupation plan they have with Russia. They are to intervene in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq together with Russia. Velayati made this statement openly on Al Arabiya television.

I believe next in line would be Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan. They probably hope to get Turkey out of the way too! Let's wait and see the offspring of the Iran and Russia merger.

They probably made this announcement as a bluff against Saudi Arabia's “we plan a ground offensive” statement. Yet, if you look at the sour, unconcerned and covetous politics of both countries you will see that they are partly correct. This means the Middle East will suffer further because of Russia and Iran's aggressive politics.

However, three countries that are currently happy with these politics are in delusion:


Israel want Muslims to kill each other. They discussed the issue with Russia and got a guarantee. They are waiting for Russia to crush everyone, but dare to think they are safe.

They are busy attacking the poor Palestinians and opening new settlements for the settlers. However, will they be this comfortable when Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan are invaded by Russia and Iran? Whenever Russia decides to pressure the US, Russia will threaten Israel with Iran/Hezbollah. The moment Israel opposes, the rocket Hezbollah fires from Lebanon will not be a Katyusha.

The US:

Obama has produced his brightest idea: “Syria will become Russia's new Afghanistan!” Dearest Obama, does Russia look dumb enough not to understand this? The US has made its biggest mistake by leaving the Middle East to Iran, that is to say Russia. The US has offended Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. It believes that it is easy to take Russia out of the region once it has totally penetrated it.


Iran has turned the entire Muslim world against itself through its unbelievable politics. It believes it has its back against Russia. Little does it know that Russia is on its back. Iran believes it can sleep peacefully while it has turned its back on its Muslim neighbors but befriended Russia and China. We will soon see how its internal harmony reacts to this peevish politics. Pay attention to the June elections.

We have to produce a strategy to stop Russia

In short, the biggest threat for Turkey is Russia. Russia is the biggest threat for the EU too; however, without politics and a leader they are helpless. Unfortunately, the only power that can stop Russia is the US. Obama does not intend to put his Blackberry down and do anything, as the elections are in November. He has accepted making history as the most unsuccessful president, just as long as nobody criticizes him for taking America to war.

Still, Russia has to start the mechanisms that will stop Russia diplomatically, politically, economically and militarily. I suppose this can be achieved via Russia's fragile economics. The rest will come quickly and easily.


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