Which is your peace day? - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Which is your peace day?

Two peace days are celebrated in the world: September the 1st, which is today, and the 21st of September. Why September the 1st? Because Hitler attacked Poland on the 1st of September in 1939 and thus World War 2 started.

'The Communists' peace day'

Russia and the satellite countries that were tyrannized by Hitler, named this day, after the war ended, “World Solidarity Day” and began to celebrate this day as a sign of solidarity against fascism and dictatorship. Some politicians in the West wanted to defame this day for years by saying “a kind of peace day for the Communists.”

In the days of the cold war, the “communists” saw this day as an opportunity to arrange events and movements. Therefore, America and its allies were not very pleased with this day as they perceived this day as some kind of encouragement of Communism.

'The Capitalists' peace day'

In order to obstruct this, in 1981, the west bloc countries standing against Communism designated an alternative date at the General Assembly of the United Nations. They declared the third Tuesday of every September as the “International Peace Day.” Yet, since there wasn't a specific date for celebrations, this sometimes caused confusion. Years later on September 7, the U.N. General Assembly declared September 21 as “Peace Day.” According to certain accounts, this date was specifically chosen, as it was believed to be the day the Soviet bloc fell apart. This time the Communists discredit this day, claiming it is the “Capitalists' peace day.”

Thereby the world adopted two peace days. Fighting against each other in cold war for years, and then coming against each other in hot war in countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Korea, Angola and Vietnam, these two blocs are now seen to celebrate two peace days.

How is each peace day celebrated?

On September 1, the leftists criticize the U.S. for their administration and their occupation, and ask for peace in all the countries occupied by the U.S. and their allies. On this very peace day, countries like Serbia, Syria, North Korea, East Turkestan, Taiwan, the Ukraine etc., countries that are under the hegemony of Russia or its ally China are never mentioned as there are no violations happening there. It isn't logically possible to criticize Russia on a day that it actually declared as peace day.

On the contrary, the “capitalists'” celebrations on the 21st of September are more sophisticated and artistic. During beauty pageants, beauty queens are made to say “peaceee” along with the victory sign. The Peace bell made by the Japanese (probably as a way to apologize to the U.S. for Pearl Harbor) in the U.N. rings on this very day for peace (I think the number of gongs increase according to the number of wars). “Long live absolute world peace” is inscribed on the bell.

The U.N. General Secretary heralds a message in regards to the importance of the day, the U.S. President supports this message with his own and all foreign agents celebrate the day. As you would appreciate, this celebration isn't as creative and widespread as that of the leftists'.

Peace messages to the detriment of the U.S. and AK Party

Turkey's public isn't really aware of what September 21 is about. All opponent leftists in our country gather together in city centers, especially in Taksim, wave red and yellow flags, drink beer and curse the U.S. and its allies. And the newspapers deliver these events saying, “World peace day was celebrated, slogans against the U.S. and AK Party were chanted.”

Since social media has advanced, “#Worldpeaceday” tags will begin with peace messages damning President Erdoğan, Prime Minister Davutoğlu and AK Party. The HDP will probably organize and event and publish a message reading, “The Kurds are being killed because of the games being planned in the palace.”

The U.N. will of course wait for September 21. During those dates, the chemical weapons issue in Syria, Israeli occupation of Palestine, the Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Egypt crises will be discussed, and the permanent members, the U.S., England, Russia and China, will veto all that is happening. And when the celebrations begin the peace bell with “long live absolute World peace” written on it, will ring. And thus, peace will be established.

Today, I would like to congratulate the leftist circle's peace day (declared by the Soviet). And hopefully we will congratulate the “capitalist's” peace day on September 21.


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