Who tied down the US? The Israeli lobby, arms lobby, Obama - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

Who tied down the US? The Israeli lobby, arms lobby, Obama

US Defense Minister Chuck Hagel was excitedly and nervously explaining the situation in Syria and the Middle East to US President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Assad had used chemical weapons, and this was the US's red line. Even the claim of “chemical weapons being used in Iraq” was enough for the US to invade Iraq. Now, not acting upon Assad killing 1,500 people in Ghouta could cause a great trauma. Hagel was trying to convince Obama to stand behind his words “We will intervene if Assad uses chemical weapons.” However, Obama was playing with his Blackberry phone.

US defense minister: Obama does not have a Syria policy

Hagel resigned from his position after a while because of the inconsistent and unsuccessful foreign politics. He criticized Obama and his cabinet every time he spoke: “Obama did not have a Syria policy. He had many unnecessary people around him that confused him and neutralized him.”

Those who did not believe that the US could follow such an ineffective and clumsy foreign policy, looked for a philosophy behind Obama's politics. Obama's greatest political discourse was: “Russia will get stuck in Syria as it did in Afghanistan.” He was clearly a coward, hesitant and unsuccessful. His former defense minister was expressing this openly.

I had the chance to meet Obama years ago, during his visit to Turkey. I watched him during the reception held for him. This is the decision I reached that night: He is playing the traditional communication roles of Anglo-Saxon politics. You cannot make anything good or bad out of it.

His political communications team published a picture of him pretending to sleep on a sofa wearing ripped shoes.

Senators receiving money from the Israel lobby

Besides Obama's personal failures, the US's traditional lobbies, power centers and bureaucracy set him back also. He had a Jew from Chicago, Rahm Israel Emanuel, seated in the most important seat (White House Chief of Staff) of the White House for many years. Emanuel did not even feel the need to hide his Israel sympathy.

The US senate and congress became Obama's nightmare. Being a minority, the Democrats ended up surrendering as they were under the grip of the lobbies.

According to the research the Anadolu Agency's successful correspondent Bilal Kenasari made in Washington, 261 of the 435 members of the US House of Representatives received money from the Israeli lobby. Forty-six of the 100 senates from the US senate had some sort of financial relationship with the Israeli lobby. (This information is not a secret and is regularly published on www.opensecrets.com.) Nineteen members of Congress and 10 senators are Jewish. Paul Ryan, the president of the Budget Commission is a fan of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, and it seems that he would like to put Netanyahu in the US presidency seat.

Now let's think: Is it not possible for a lobby that bribed half of Congress and the Senate to hinder any issue they desired? Easily, would be my answer. It is safe to say they turned Obama into a “crippled bird.” Remember that when the budget wasn't approved in Congress, government organizations stopped business and disgraced the US to the world.

Lobbies are pushing Turkey

Everyone witnessed the effect the Jewish lobby had on the tense Turkey-Israel relations. Turkey has yet to receive the weapons and military vehicles it had signed an agreement for. The US Senate Armed Services Committee and the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations acts like the government commission of Israel.

Obama was powerless enough to say, “I understand you, you are right, but try to understand me too. I am trapped here. I can't do anything,” to Erdoğan during his telephone conversation on the Syria, Israel and Middle East issues.

Arms companies have grown 230 percent

Let's not forget that the gun lobby is just as effective as the Israel lobby. Twenty-two Congress members and 35 senators have some sort of financial relationship with gun merchants. The value of arms companies has increased by 230 percent since the war in Syria started. Middle Eastern countries purchase half of their weapons from US gun companies. Peace in Syria and the Middle East means an end to this easy money. Who would want this war to end?

The US presidential elections will happen in November. This “lame duck” period of the presidency means the US will be tied down for a year.

Who will stop Russia? The incompetent EU or the hamstrung US?


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