World-changing war - KEMAL ÖZTÜRK

World-changing war

This is the war that is changing the world.

Even if we cannot exactly see the effects of this change yet, in the future everyone will see how the world will change after the Syrian war.

The West will change, the East will change. The Muslim world will change, we will all change.

Humanity has not seen such pain, injustice and tyranny together at the same time.

This tyranny has been witnessed by all, in front of the conscience of everyone and the entire world.

The West lost the test, its prestige is over

The West did not take care of the wars, pains and deaths experienced in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, namely in all corners of the Muslim world.
As long as those who died and killed were Muslims, it did not care about what was experienced.
As we were dying and our children were drowning in the Mediterranean, they only watched.
In the eyes of everyone, the West failed the test of humanity and conscience.

From now on, no one will see the West as they used to see it in the past.
The admiration and love in Turkey for Europe has hit rock bottom.
Support for EU membership decreased to 30 percent.
This double standard of France by not turning on the lights of the Eiffel Tower when hundreds of people died in Istanbul and Ankara, but turning on the lights when people died in Brussels, hurt the spirit of the nation.

This is the same situation in all Muslim countries. Emotionless, merciless and conscienceless policies of the West decreased sympathy for it and it will completely finish in the future. The merciless and conscienceless West will face the same treatment in the future.

That is why, when the terror attack was organized in Paris and Brussels, the people who have been suffering from the same pain everyday were not as sad as the Westerners. Those people said on the inside: “Feel the pain we have been suffering every day for one day, and understand us.”

The EU will dissolve in the near future

Europe is on the verge of paralysis with these terror attacks and the sudden refugee influx.

It is seen as a group of unsuccessful and awkward rich people who are incapable of solving problems or producing policies.

It was seen that the EU has no economic and political use, just as NATO was of no military use. Russia saw this and boldly took to the world stage. It invaded Crimea and Syria and no European country could speak.

The future of the EU is never brilliant, and its dissolution is inevitable. Racism, Islamophobia, discrimination and violence will surround Europe every passing day. Syria will accelerate the dispersal of Europe.

The Muslim world will wake up and change

The Muslim world sees all these things experienced in pain. A Muslim does not read the double standards of the West from the books anymore – by dying as a refugee, he experiences this in person.

From now on, who can sympathize with one who insensitively stood by and watched people die?

When Russia occupied the Mediterranean and Syria, the entire Muslim world understood that it was alone.

Neither America, nor Europe nor any other power could stop this invasion.

While Russian jets were scattering bombs, children, women and the elderly were dying, Muslims saw that the West was immorally and cowardly watching this. Muslim countries that had nobody to trust understood that the only way was to unite, recover and protect themselves.

This is what led to the idea of an “Islamic Army.” In the future, the number of these collaborations will increase. They understood that Muslims have no friends except Muslims; that is why in order to survive they understood that it is a must to form new unions and alliances.

Iran as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey have learned this.

Turkey will strengthen and grow

Look at the things that happened after the attacks in Brussels. Life as a whole stopped, Europe went down, and they fell apart. How many times have we been experiencing these attacks and how were our lives affected?

A few hundreds and thousands of refugees entered Europe and the union came to the point of collapse. Turkey took 3 million refugees, gave them a life and integrated them.

That is why it has gained the admiration and respect of everyone and passed the test of humanity and conscience.

All terror organizations are attacking, the Syrian war is devastating, and Russia has been imposing sanctions on and attacking Turkey. Well what is our situation? Our economy is strong, our state structure is strong and we are not collapsing. They provoked the Kurds, Alevis, Turks and Arabs, they triggered the fault line. Still they failed to start a civil war or a social clash.

When the war is over one day

Turkey has been standing tall, taking on all the attacks and fighting. One day this war will end and then no one will be able to hold Turkey back. How do you think this country, which has such a strong economy and social structure, will be when the crises are over?

Turkey, the conscience of humanity and harbor to shelter, is a candidate to become the strongest country of the future. The EU will struggle to take Turkey in to keep the Union from falling apart, but then Turkey will not accept the membership.


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