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It is the malicious intention that starts the war first

Since when have we been in a war, which was supposed to come all of a sudden? While words were being murdered, character murders were committed; the smear war was going on at a full speed.

The difference is so large that it cannot be underestimated.. Now blood is being shed.

Who started these fights this time?

Those, who pay the cost of breathing on all occasions, not feeling the need to twist the truth and see it, not engaged with any congregations or ideology know, see and record…

As all around us are bloodshot, as even burying our dead has been a part of politics…Let's do something rather than wishing peace only with words. Let's particularly be in peace. With all our hands, tongues, faces and eyes…But I know, this is the difficult side.

Some believe that the President who was elected by the majority of the people is plunging the people into the war for his ambition for presidency. Moreover, some say, just to go to the early elections he started a war against the outlawed PKK.

There is also another rumor which was highly welcomed. He picked and stole a lot; just to hide the corruption, he shed blood.

This is a perception operation of those who easily decided to miss all the realities of life and are only relying on these arguments, and these deductions which rely on a unique and certain data. For a while this is the situation. I referred to this point in more details in my previous article. (See also: For those fed up with the perception operation!)

A human is really being astonished. When I see what a weakness bad blood is and as it takes the souls as hostages, I think we should take lessons from it.

However, each epithet someone attributes to another person is a reflection of his own soul.

What a mode a person has, he enrobes who he sees as an enemy the same cloth of his personality and puts him in the same case. And he believes in this without questioning. In broad terms, we call it idolatry to believe in the suspicion and hallucination someone produces himself.

To my surprise, what idolaters we are. The idols of pride are among those which cannot be destroyed easily...And unfortunately, at the time of the war it rises on the stronger bases. In order to destroy it, man should only fight with his own soul.
Many people don't want to do it. Some of us, ignoring tens of factors and equations making the conditions of war and peace, attributing everything as a subject of hatred and directing all these to “the man of the palace”, are strengthening our own idols.

Eh, of course, no one serves for justice doing so. On the contrary, contributing to the tyranny. Without taking responsibility for himself…

Even if it costs his political career and life, a “man of the palace” who took the oath to continue the resolution process since he started it could even convince the most nationalist fractions.
All the threats, assassination plans, murders, attempts, Oslo leaking, coup attempts in order to sabotage the process… While all these were going on and on, he did not give up and said, “There were times we literally threw up blood and drank cornelian cherry syrup, we drank hemlock poison, we swallowed the lump we had in our throat, we went on our way, because we wanted a resolution for the old problem of our country and nation”.

Associating someone with a passion for a four-year presidency and blood shedding who proved all his words with his life and all the things he was exposed to…really takes one's breath away.

For this, the effort to approach the reality will be enough; those who look in order to understand don't need to be supporters or fans etc.

Yes, we get angry, we criticize; but for God's sake, do we have to twist the truths, just to justify the things we want to happen?

What a type of believing in the perception that you produced yourself…

Not hesitating from pouring its people into the street and calling for a socialist war…Shooting the man in the middle of the street, martyring the officers, kidnapping the workers from the construction area, sending the young people to the mountains; but as if all these did not happen at all, through the palace expenses in order to produce a perception relying on the slanders…

Inducing the people to take measurement with guns…Legitimizing a very dangerous word as “retaliation”…Not even taking the word of and not caring about the October 6-8 tyrannies, the innocents they murdered… and when the army takes the action always holding the other side responsible for the blood shed…Appealing to the “who started it” fight…Well, what a blind perception it is that can only convince itself…

All aside, in order to associate with the personality of a man day and night, all the factors throwing the whole of a gigantic community and nation into the fire, making him the “clown of the man of the palace” is a complete tyranny for the people.

Most of us are remaining silent, complying to please them and trying to manage this. As this hidden aggression which assumes that it wants peace reveals itself day by day…

There is no need to get angry and be agitated.

Hourly suicide bomber warnings, murdered officers, exploding bombs, the missiles on the mountains, bombs thrown from heights…
During such periods, even if it is with the best intention, everything written can be a part of the fight, mischief and malicious intentions. Because we are just like our intentions. Now, however, we yell, saying, “Peace” in chorus; we are all in the middle of a continuous war.

It is the malicious intention that starts the war first. What would happen if we notice!


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