It's an atrocity for people, who view terror as legitimate, to defend peace - LEYLA İPEKÇI

It's an atrocity for people, who view terror as legitimate, to defend peace

The other day, an HDP supporter/member intellectual appeared on a live broadcast, saying, “If the government doesn't keep their word and doesn't reinstate the rights of the Kurdish people; the PKK won't lay down arms.” As if this organization, who has already made the decision to fight before the Suruç massacre and started slaughtering innocent people, is attacking today because of this!

After all, according to this intellectual, the government hasn't fulfilled any of their promises for the resolution of the Kurdish issue in the same way that the government didn't take necessary steps on the matter of returning the people, who will be going outside the borders, back to politics. This was openly legitimating and paving the way for the organization to find a reason to use weapons against the citizens and government whenever they wanted. I was frozen against this violence.

I knew that he honestly believed the things he said. However, he wasn't aware how dangerous it was; this was the real problem. Because, he was also saying with all his honesty that he is defending the peace. More precisely, he believed that the actual defenders of peace were people who think like him.

Because in comparison to an “Islamist with a narrow view” they were approaching the life and world more “realistically”, with a “wider horizon” and more “healthily”.

Of course, if you asked him about the futility of establishing an atrocity/justice scale over ideology and identity; he already knew that. However, he was giving himself away between knowing and acting unknowingly. (Of course, the government also has many errors and accidents on the way. Recording these should be under the responsibility of the people that support the process.)

Being from a generation, who experienced the violence in the 90s, coup in the 80s and street conflicts in the 70s, I was familiar with the despot face of the state. Unidentified murders, massacres, street riots, mafia networks, dirty money, Gladio, Jitem, operations to ripen the environment… In these lands, the state was involved in almost every dark murder, massacre and complicated periods. Most of our lives are evidence to the skills of this hand with a thousand fingers.

For the first time in my life, close to fifty years now, I've been witnessing the government take initiatives for peace, attempt to rule with justice and pay many a bloody price for this sake in this period we are experiencing.

In 2012, the real intentions of the people, who didn't want peace, had been revealed following their attempt to arrest the MIT Undersecretary against the state, which provided progress in the negotiations and forced methods to bring peace. In the previous period, there were bloody demonstrations like Silvan and Reşadiye that attempted to sabotage the Resolution Process, and came into play. And some intellectuals were forming an ideology over their “a conservative party cannot provide peace; peace can only be provided with socialists and Kurdish movement” theses.

Of course, the fact that the Resolution Process will be formed between the power the state is fighting against and itself, while the foreign actors were de-activated for the first time, was making the global actors feel very uncomfortable. The blow up of the Gezi incidents, which first started as a rightful demonstration and later on turned into an attack directed at “overthrowing” Erdoğan as different forces came into play, coincided with the days when our debts to the IMF were cleared after thirty years.

As for the ones, who leaked the Oslo negotiations; they thought that this nation will back-pedal from peace after it was revealed that the state was holding talks with the baby killer. But, what they expected didn't happen. The desire for peace put on a new nationalist armor. This was a local peace process that belonged to us, from now on mother would no longer cry, and everyone (nationalists, conservatives, eagles, doves, leftists, and rightists) was taking/taken the risk to renounce a little bit.

Just then, in December 17-25, an extremely subtle coup had been realized over a justification that harbored a partial rightful possibility like corruption. If they succeeded, dozens of innocent people would have been imprisoned for being a member of a terrorist organization named Selam Tevhit. Even the reality that we are living in a country, where even the highest authorities of the state are being wiretapped, couldn't find supporters as the “government is aiding ISIL” claim. The coup attempt couldn't succeed; however, it captured some minds once again; they started to market the government as a radical Islamist that supported it especially outside. Erdoğan, who stated that he drank the hemlock poison for peace and that he would do anything necessary in this direction, became a dictator!

So many contortion and reputation massacres had been conducted, that the activities of the people, who wanted to stop the process, will be revealed with all their details one day. I'm making an effort to bear witness to this with all my heart. Because, rather than being a statist or a pro-government supporter, if you have a worry like serving the justice, then you might have to record that the despot state is putting effort into establishing peace. Even if it's difficult for the chronic oppositions.

As the negotiations evolved towards peace in the next period, some intellectuals, who were doing all they can to prevent PKK from laying down arms and appealed to unbelievable justifications, started to raise their voices.

Every power, who wanted AK Party to be unsuccessful, increased their attacks gradually. We need justice authorities, who will reveal the people behind the Kobani incidents, the violence during October 6-8, the bomb in Diyarbakır, the Suruç massacre and all the terror activities. Including the Paris massacres, December coups and other attempts.

Instead of making single-sided claims like vindicating one side… Without looking down on the people, who don't think like us, humiliating them, and entering personal slanders and accusations… let's continue recording; how this process continues to make the people, who are attempting to explain every oppression by relating it to Erdoğan's passion for a palace while analyzing the attacks of ISIL, DHKP-C and PKK on our country with different objectives but a common benefit, blind… How they terrorized themselves… How they oppressed the nation...


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