Those striving for a civil war had pulled the pin within us - LEYLA İPEKÇI

Those striving for a civil war had pulled the pin within us

The press release, which was supposed to take place in the garden of the Amara Culture Center, of three hundred youngsters, who went to Suruç in order to join the re-construction of Kobani, from the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations, had been drenched in blood. As of the moment, twenty eight youngsters had been slaughtered brutally. Let us start going into the heated hours by saying; the people, who slaughter others like this, cannot represent any value. Because, these heated hours are not coming to an end somehow. The people, who want us to be dragged towards a civil war, are pulling the pin out of the grenade within ourselves first; just like every time.

As for us; we started behaving like a beast against each other by first making analyses over things we don't know (rather than the ones we do), fiddling with them and making a claim as if we know everything. We arrived at such a state that we will almost arm ourselves against each other before the blood of the youngsters dries out. We are making it even easier for the people who are striving for a civil war, as always.

Now, while many things, including the possibility of a suicide bomber, are being said and accompanied by the pictures of the riddled bodies of the youngsters who were delivering toys to the kids, we have to record the summary of our condition, maybe we will hold it up as an example;


Some people are saying that the Amara Culture Center is the gathering place of the militants who are taken to the Syria field for armed training. Some others are saying that that place is under KCK's control and questioning how the bombs were put in there. On the other hand, it's also being stated that this place is the center, where the volunteers all around Turkey aid/help the people that are running away from ISIL and massacres.

While saying, “those responsible for this is AKP, the one who nurtured this murderous organization”, in their statement, KCK is claiming that ISIL is behind the attack. There are also some that remind us of a local newspaper's headline today; precisely while the 2nd traditional ISIL gathering was being held in Istanbul. In other words, the pin of a government-supported bomb had been pulled out. As if the government, which is conducting official peace negotiations with Abdullah Öcalan, has no difference to the despot government in the 90s.

Some are saying that the actors behind these types of attacks are not amateurs and that it's the operation of the people, who want to keep HDP, the party that is trying to become a party of Turkey, at a distance from the civil area and democratic politics. Meanwhile, some other are shouting out that the government is stirring things up before the early elections in order to cover the corruption claims. This is the claim of the people, who were saying that December 17-25 was a corruption operation rather than a coup attempt.

Some people are claiming that due to his passion for the Presidential system, Erdoğan is stirring things up in order to go for early elections. With a partially ironic language, they are saying “we should have given them 400 parliamentarians”, while wounded youngsters were waiting for blood in the hospital.

Some are saying the government bombed its own people in order to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state in Syria. There are also many who are criticizing MIT for being unaware of the attacks and conflicts that have been going on for a while now. There are some who are saying “AKP's police used gas on vehicles that are carrying the wounded”. There are also some that are saying “They are not AKP's police, they are the parallel structure's police that want to sabotage the government”.

In HDP Co-Chairmen's statement, its being stated that, “from now on, our community and all of our provincial and rural organizations should develop their own security precautions”.

There are people who state that this is a quite dangerous statement. They are saying; “We were saying that we might succumb to a civil war threat in a short time like Syria. They used to treat us like traitors. Now, step by step, we are witnessing as this script is being written”. Meanwhile, some are shouting out that the arming of the community is extremely necessary.

At this point, the people, who are angry at the fact that the “our community” word in HDP's statement is only referring to Kurdish people, are also coming into play and saying; “Why are they the only ones getting armed? Let's get armed also!” We come to such a state that it seems that a couple of hours will be enough to enter a civil war totally. There are some who are rubbing their hands against the bloodshed, while there are some who are even unaware that they are rubbing their hands. They are unknowingly exposing themselves on the social media.

In addition to the politicians, who are saying that we turned Turkey into the center of the global terrorist organization ISIL, there are some who are saying “the people, who sent trucks full of weapons to the murderers and granted tanks, bombed our comrades on their way to deliver toys to children.” Of course, this sentence is entirely problematic for the ones, who are trying to approach and understand. However, it's not making any difference in such heated moments. Because, such sentences looks like they are entirely shouting out rightfulness.

After all, the adept of conflicts is aiming at this every time; the riot of the rightful. However, right at that moment, the innocent are becoming a tool when they riot over their own rightfulness. We are familiar to these since the 70s and 90s. Moreover, the operations of the people, who were aiming at Alevi-Sunni, Turkish-Kurdish and minority etc. conflicts according to the conjuncture in the 2000s, were also heading in this direction.

Even the people who were saying that MIT especially didn't monitor ISIL and Al Qaeda started making analyses in these heated hours. Of course, they are also including Iran to this list. They are saying that MIT is tolerating them. The Political Islam analyses are also in action. There are also wider-scaled justifications, over Political Islam's condition during the Arab riots, stating that the government is taking ISIL under its wings.

There are also more intellectual statements, like; “The language, which increases tension and violence, is topping the list of factors that caused this massacre”. Of course, this is also a reality in present tense. Turning these type of “single truths”, which assumes that interstate relations, international games, intelligence agendas, the ones waiting for Turkey to be dragged towards war and the ones that were conducting lobbies inside and outside for two years in order to end the peace as soon as possible does not exist, into justifications for massacres and provocations easily is not serving justice or reality.

As if this massacre wouldn't have happened if the language was more gentle and kind.

Inevitably, the vehicles burned and civilians slaughtered by the organization during the October 6-8 incidents, are also being brought up to the agenda; along with comments that the government needs to find the perpetrators behind the executions during the October incidents, the burning of youngsters' tents during Gezi incidents and solve the background of the bomb blast in Diyarbakır before the elections…

Even some are saying that even if ISIL claims responsibility for the attack, along with comments over British, American and Israel connections, it's not only an attack directed at Kurds and socialists, but also directed at Turkey's unity and peace. They are stating that this massacre was planned to prevent Turkey from providing civil peace, to discredit Turkey in the Middle East where Turkey wants to become a playmaker, and of course, to cause a conflict with the Kurds. They are reminding us that adjectives like ideology, identity and religion are always being used as a justification in these types of provocations.

As we are ending the article, we are receiving conflict and death news from Adıyaman. In these heated hours, people, other than the ones giving unity messages, should question themselves between conscience and interest.


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