It's something other than the election threshold...

My article on November 24 was entitled “An unknown object is approaching, again”…

As experienced citizens, we were already aware that before the final match of this round, in other words the  June 7, 2015 elections, it would be impossible to have a happy/fortunate six months.

One of those unknowns seems to be the threshold manipulation.

One of the most important assurances of this process is; the people, who are attempting to design the politics, are treating other people like “fools” (excuse me).

The Constitutional Court, with their 367 freaks, blocked Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Presidency in 2007. This was a fifty-fifty successful law intervention. Most likely, the objective here was to leave Erdoğan, whose leadership is regarded “dangerous”, in charge of execution, thus exhaust him and depose him in any of the political designs.

Oh, right! If he stepped up to Çankaya, he wouldn’t be exhausted, and at the point when AK Party starts limping, he would be able to return to politics as a savior.

We are not the only ones who can read politics and design attempts. A writer from the Milliyet Newspaper was “warning” us only a couple of days before the threshold became a current issue by saying, “I don’t relish disaster scenarios.”

Following his “Kurds are the increasing value and eye of the world” entry (I wonder, where and on what basis is the value of the Kurds being defined?), now he states that HDP will be entering the 2015 elections as a party and gives a personal guarantee that this will never be a risk.

Because this move meant “double six” (the highest dice in backgammon) for HDP in every case. If they pass the threshold that’s fine; however, if they don't, then it’s “Misti”. (A volcano in Peru)

Because in such a case, it would be chaos. Even the AK Party parliamentarians would revolt against this “national will”, the Kurds outside the Parliament would go their own way like they did in Rojawa, the October 6-7 incidents will spread to 6-7 months, and even worse, the election results will be found illicit in the eye of the world.

Don’t say “In the final year of the Resolution Process”; don’t remind us about Öcalan’s “In this road map, the threshold is just details” words in his recent message.

HDP passing the threshold is ok, but to be honest, I couldn’t fully understand the “double six” quality of the rebellion, in which 50 of our citizens had lost their lives in three days, spreading to 6-7 months. Because, this means thousands of deaths and civil war…. (God Forbid!)

These threshold arguments in the Constitutional Court had been started in order to provide support for this scenario.

The essential issue is to sabotage the Resolution Process and 2015 elections by using HDP, deactivating the Parliament, which will take the responsibility of the Resolution Process’ final, issue a constitution and carry a founding quality in this sense, and to base the “democratic” justification for this on a legislation decision/discussion….

Initiating this argument was sufficient. The Constitutional Court’s refusal for discussing the application is not even important; it is clear that this scenario will be forced to condemn the government in any case.

We have to hand it to them, whoever the senior mind is. He/She is quite clever, however not so ethical.

After all, there is a “will” in HDP that can say, “We had made a democratic action call to the public; if the same situation arises today, we will do it again.” Also, Mr. Demirtaş, who says, “Why Öcalan is being consulted” and “They are trying to show us as a Kurdish/Alevist party”, who can think of forming an alliance with CHP that turned its back to Dersim, who puts an effort to install this status quo guardian party to the Resolution Process, had already given the good news: “We are entering the elections as a party.”

Nowadays the political designs are prepared “democratically” and yes, they think people are “stupid, excuse me.

Discussing the applications made to the Constitutional Court as if this background doesn’t exist and as if this is a technical issue is amounting to falling into the trap.

Of course, it seems that machinery, where the government will be wrong and erroneous in any case, had been prepared. Keeping the government in a “defending the threshold” position, will only carry chumps to the first scenario. The plan must be trying to say, “Let me see if you can!” by foreseeing that this risk will be foreseen…

It must be so that in this historic moment, in other words during the 2015 elections, the country can be turned into a coalition Italy.

Are all these other parties being formed for nothing?

Öcalan should also start presenting the clearness to look after his HDP, Qandil. Producing a card against the government is one thing, and watching your organizations take role in the political design is something else. This is the final chance given to him by history.

He should have already comprehended that the senior mind has nothing else to do with him by observing the “February 15th International Conspiracy”, which he keeps talking about.

It's something other than the election threshold...

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It's something other than the election threshold...
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