Which Resolution Process, which war

While the Resolution Process was progressing as a peace project, which would change the paradigm in the region not just the country, they were against it.

However, when it had been poisoned by the coup mechanics Öcalan mentioned, they become supporters of the process.

In its first state, the process was going to become an antidote for Sykes-Picot as the second alliance between the Turks and Kurds was formed after a thousand years. It was going to present the exit model to the Middle East and all the oppressed countries. The country was going to let go of the burdens and take flight.

While the process was progressing in this direction, they hated it. They threw themselves to Qandil and Diyarbakır. They sent the “White Turk elites are uneasy” message to Öcalan via Sırrı Süreyya Önder.

When Öcalan referred to Gezi and December 17/25 operations as “it's a coup attempt, don't feed the fire”, they were offended; they threatened him first, then pulled his plug and started polishing Demirtaş.

Whenever people were murdered in October 6-8, HDP/PKK steered towards paying their “Gezi” debt and the process was poisoned; only then they started protecting/supporting it.

Because the process changed its context, and started acting as a shield to PKK and HDP's manipulations towards destabilizing the political field and streets. They started dreaming like “Let's give away the Southeast, blame the disintegration on AK Party and let's keep the rest”.

If they managed to get rid of AK Party and Erdoğan, even before the country disintegrated, they were going to take the country back to the 90s.

While the Hürriyet newspaper used the “Oy anam oy”, meaning “Votes, votes” headline after the operations began, they were most likely going to defreeze the “What a Scumbag” headline for Demirtaş.

The process was valuable in its function, which serves the purpose of getting rid of AK Party and Erdoğan, and the desired war was the war under the rulership.

While the PKK destabilized the streets, the election results were important in the name of paralyzing the political field. When Demirtaş called out to the President, saying, “We won't hang you, we will put you on trial rightfully” following the elections, they managed to have a sound and peaceful sleep after years.

It didn't work out…. The 60% reactionary bloc had been scattered. Prime Minister Davutoğlu administered the process perfectly. Honestly, everyone should accept that we possess the most successful temporary government in political history. We couldn't wish for more. In my opinion, the next four years will be successful.

Now, it seems like the Doğan media is anxious to withdraw outside the borders. Some of them are pursuing new positions with midway statements, which avoid meddling. Some of them are mumbling, “We will not let you waste Demirtaş” in the name of resurrecting a dead person.

However, the reality is this; what's causing trouble for Demirtaş is neither the government nor the President. Demirtaş is already being digested in the stomachs of Qandil's CEOs. Qandil consumed Demirtaş. He, after all, presented himself as a partridge and became easy prey. While he was going to be the partner of a historical peace, he became the figurant for the great plans conducted over Turkey with small plans.

In other words, there is no process they can use as they will, or a war that they desired. Because the President is still Erdoğan, the Prime Minister is still Davutoğlu and AK Party is still the rulership. The external equilibriums were changed in a single day. The U.S. is making supportive statements; Israel is looking for ways to make peace with Turkey. The “ISIL equals AK Party” legend has collapsed.

We all wish for the deaths to stop as soon as possible and receive no more funerals….

The government resisted with all their power for this and preserved their constructive attitude. When 53 citizens were killed in October 6-8 following the calling of KCK/HDP, the government even showed extraordinary common sense to avoid toppling the table.

That common sense couldn't even be presented by Britannia under those conditions.

Maybe AK Party experienced a vote loss due to this attitude; however, they didn't make a big deal out of it. They always kept their interests behind the country's own interests.

There were no reasons for KCK to declare that the process ended and they are starting a democratic public war on July 11th. HDP's Co-Chairmen fanned the flames and after the Suruç incident they've made statements that overshadowed PKK. Is it really possible to talk about a process while two of our policemen were executed in Ceylanpınar, and around 30 police, soldier and civilians were killed up until now?

Callings like “the sides should avoid attitudes that narrow the political field” are a midway trip, in the name of equalizing the terrorist organization, which executed people and ended the process, and the two segments, which have the responsibility to protect their citizens.

What should be done now is a “stop the murders and retreat outside the borders” calling to the PKK should be made and the “Erdoğan hatred” should be put inside the freezer, at least in this period when our people are dying.

The process should be continued under a new name (Since the Resolution Process name is poisoned) and be conducted by the real civil representatives of the Kurdish community; in others with the Kurdish community. The meeting organized by Prime Minister Davutoğlu in Ankara yesterday had a broad participation from the region, and in this sense its spot on and realistic.

In such a difficult period, possessing such a “temporary” government is standing as a reality that ruins all the scenarios.

Because, it is basing on the permanent community willpower. I hope that our elites will see what the world can see and abandon their borders of hatred.

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8 years ago
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