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Asphyxiating the violence….

(….) “We are talking about two things; one is the statements that are made to the public, and the other one is trajectory behind the curtain. We had told them that this is already risky for both MIT and the state. If their negotiations with the PKK were revealed, what would CHP and MHP say? (…) In other words, many procedural difficulties had been experienced. In other words, if this process is not going to end with the negotiation between the government and PKK, then what’s the need for this much difficulty?”

These words were being said by the representative of the mediator country of the meetings, which had been held in Oslo and will be leaked later on. The representative of the mediator country was explicitly underlining that Turkey’s meetings with the PKK is such a great risk. The representative is emphasizing that after taking many risks if no conclusion is reached, then it would be absurd and a pity.

Ultimately, this recording is being leaked by means of taking place first in the Dicle News Agency (DİHA) and then in the Fırat News Agency. After all the damage is done, DİHA removes the news by saying “Our website had been hacked”. The “news” had been published with the “Will being behind the scenes of the meetings damage Erdoğan?” Let’s assume that DİHA is saying the truth, then why would PKK’s news website participate in this leaking operation?

Turkey is being shaken following this.

The process collapses….

This is almost the point arrived by the government in 2007…. They had taken these many risks; however, they couldn’t make use of it. Since that day, 2,500 people had lost their lives for nothing. If you count the time from the Özal period (1993), then the number is 30,000. It’s hard not to be depressed.

When we think that the Oslo process had reached MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan first, and then to that period’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the February 7 coup, it becomes clear that these incidents had been masterminded by a wide consortium.

Exactly like the Paris assassinations….


Here, the importance of the “solution between us”, which had been boldly underlined by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, is lying inside this story. When Mr. Davutoğlu says, “No compromises in the solution between us”, he was also reminding us why Oslo had been unsuccessful.

It’s essential to add this; the government will not make any agreement with the organization that they cannot explain to the public. However, privacy is essential, until the process gets ready for transparency, in order to avoid the process from becoming infected or to prevent the status-quo opposition and their provocateurs from misdirecting the public.

Jonathan Powell, the chief negotiator in the IRA peace, is explaining the situation as follows…

“You cannot negotiate in front of the public. They had attempted this in 2007 with FARC, they had almost negotiated on TV and they had collapsed. It cannot be like that. (….) However, while the negotiations are held in secrecy, you should also be able to carry the people in the street along. It’s not easy. Any political leader who attempts this should be ready to suffer great political pains.”

As if these words were said for Mr. Erdoğan.

I’d like to return to the “solution between us”.

Even though this method takes the process under protection, we should remember that; it’s an essential condition; however, it’s not sufficient. The responsibility had been burdened on the BDP’s tea maker. However, even if indirectly, the party had accepted this responsibility. Because Erdoğan had said, “Announce it; otherwise I will announce it.”

Now, after passing through many provocations, we are experiencing a new process. The obstacles, which had been exceeded dialectically, are acting as a vaccine and the self-confidence is increasing. While the biggest provocation had been the October 6-7 incidents, this period had been transcended and a great gain had been provided.

The most effective way of putting down a fire is to asphyxiate the environment.

The October 6-7 incidents were not a show of strength; it was an attempt to start a civil war. However, this public had put down the desire for war by asphyxiating it. They had landed the biggest blow on the war lobby. Because, as Mr. Davutoğlu had stated, it is not possible for an attempt, whose communal aspects had not been provided, to be successful.

On October 6, I had stated that this provocation would not be successful. As for the trust between the sides, it could only be meaningful if the steps were being taken mutually. The government had done most of its part; however, without Qandil taking steps, the trust was not possible.

The process had sat on a more realistic platform now. From now on, in order to advance with Qandil, some steps should be taken. The government will build their strategy even better, and will not fall for a trap again. The transparency is not a risk anymore; it had become an assurance.

If Qandil doesn’t induce trust with the moves they take, then it would not be possible for them to take the entire country hostage over the Resolution Process.

If Qandil conforms to the “solution between us”, if the government doesn’t leave an open space in the process, then a great revolution, which would be an example to the Middle East, would be actualized in our region.


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