Is their aim to overcome the threshold or to declare autonomy? - MARKAR ESAYAN

Is their aim to overcome the threshold or to declare autonomy?

That's just what is wanted to be done…

For this there is no trick they can't think of, no shape they can't take, and no craziness they can't venture.

Here today, we experience once more May 27. It is always discussed; if Adnan Menderes was not overthrown, if our democracy was not interfered in, how would history have developed? If there was no interference in the political dynamics of this country and the processes worked naturally, possibly we could have established the New Turkey a long time ago.

If there were no PKK problem, for example. The problems of the Kurdish citizens would be solved with public democracy; the issue would not come to this point. How pathetic it is, that the mentality that caused the PKK problem is creating the heavy practices and HDP today is in the same line conducting the tender to ruin Erdoğan and Davutoğlu to obstruct the New Turkey.

The editorial published in the New York Times the other day summarized the scenario staged in Turkey today. This is not a simple game, dear friends.

It is quite obvious that the NYT's editorial is an operation, as everyone had seen the dimensions of the coup that the parallel organization attempted, as Hürriyet newspaper's through Morsi showing our President the gallows is done so explicitly, as these media vision devices are called “independent media”, the citizen who filed an official complaint is called “pro-government.”

The NYT has made the sentences more carefully and has been publishing as Sözcü, Taraf newspapers.

As HDP and Demirtaş are being marketed in Doğan/Parallel media as a flower child, the HDP and terror organization PKK covertly in the West, publicly in the East have been trying to collect votes threatening the Kurdish voters supporting AK Party.

They got the support of the world behind them, with the confidence that the violence has given, and one by one they are calling the people, with the teams they built in the West going to the houses they say to the people, “If HDP cannot exceed the threshold, all around will be messed with blood”.

In Istanbul, a citizen from Ağrı was telling that all members of his family in his hometown were called and threatened. In Istanbul, Kurds who say that they will vote for AK Party are terrorized and it's being said, “How can you be a Kurd, aren't you ashamed of voting for AK Party?”

And legitimizing, hiding these two is a media army doing image cleaning behind HDP.

With the parallel organization statements in his mouth, Demirtaş says, “We will destroy the dictatorship”.

The citizens are being told the lie that if HDP cannot exceed the threshold, the violence starts.

However, you remember that Demirtaş for the first time in the history of Turkey, thanks to the Resolution Process and AK Party, joined the presidential elections, received 9.7 per cent of the votes in the election that had around 70 per cent of participation.

Almost two months later HDP/KCK called for a riot and the October 6-8 vandalism was experienced. Does a co-chair who wants to do politics and have that chance call for a riot two months later? Does a party caring about politics cause the death of 53 Kurdish citizens? With their abusing this chance, as the Kurds who were not members of PYD in Kobani did, does it try to make the Kurds escape from the region and intimidate them?

After the things that had been done to Yasin Börü, what else can be meant by rather than taking the possessions of all the Kurds in the region and saying, “We will do like Yasin Börü to whoever disobeys us ”?

The aim is not whether HDP exceeds the threshold or not, it is the emerging of the risk of such an HDP's, namely PKK's, use of exceeding the 10 percent threshold as an autonomy referendum after the election.

Voters of CHP and Kurds have to see that at this point they will not be voting for an ordinary political party, but voting for a chaos project, which started in the period of violence after 1993 Turgut Özal.

It is possible that those who could not find CHP to be what they expected, in search of an opposition party, and because of this or that reason do not like AK Party, with the package of the media could see HDP as an alternate.

But it is not that party, this party, that HDP, this HDP. They used the Resolution Process, which was bad and with oriental cunning they seem to get the warranty of getting a PKK state from here.

Those who were driven crazy by the media with AK Party hatred, since they only have getting rid of AK Party in their minds, are approaching the period after June 7 with the “after me the flood” understanding.

As for Öcalan, even if he had seen that Demitaş's leadership was trying to overthrow him, he could not have taken measurements.

However, as the PYD/PKK had come to an agreement with Assad in Syria and went their own way, HDP/PKK, in the same way in Turkey, rather than developing a process with AK Party as the founder of the New Turkey and the guarantee of the peace are building the stones to make a Kobani out of Turkey.

Now, till they reach the goal, they are trying to attract the public opinion's attention through slick public relations.

My determinations are related with its function rather than the result of the election.

We are at the very critical turning point of the future of this country. We are not holding a natural election with its own dynamics. The superior mind is trying every way, when the coup attempt of the parallel organization failed, to make its second attack by organizing through the elections and politics.

HDP, PKK, the outlawed DHKP-C, CHP, MHP, Felicity Party and BBP all get into line with this mind.

It is very critical that each responsible citizen realizes this situation.


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