Let those days go away and don't let them return…. - MARKAR ESAYAN

Let those days go away and don't let them return….

Turkey is trying to face off with all the problems that were not only revealed around 70-80 years ago, but when the peace and order were disturbed following the collapse of the Ottomans, and get rid of these burdens in a democratic way. This is both luck and misfortune. If we get over it, we will have a new life and our exile status in our own country will be over.

The unfortunate part of this business comes at the point where we will create our luck. When the lids came down and the obstacles were suddenly removed, we found all the accumulated, deferred, refused and even deepened problems of two hundred years. Believing that only good intention will solve these problems is a just being naive. However, it's also clear that even the factors, which have been brought into the daylight, may not be able to preserve their strength like before. Thus, we are in the middle of a dilemma.

For a long time now, Armenians' sorrows, which had been denied by Kemalists, are attempted to be handled within a more humane, moral and just frame, not with the condolence statements by our last year's and this year's Prime Ministers, but ever since AK Party came to power. With the Foundations Law and the 36 Declaration, this rulership ended the implementation of confiscating the hundreds-of years-old Ottoman Armenian foundations' properties. Until now, 353 of the foundations' properties were returned. Also, many historical Armenian artifacts like the Ahtamar Church are being renovated, one by one. Not just Armenians, but also there had been services done towards all the other religions' congregations with the same democratic approach. The government is making financial aid to our schools, and when we look for an addressee, the people on the top level of the government are heeding to their “citizens” wholeheartedly and with the ambition of being of service.

Since life goes on, the issues will also continue. Thus, the ones, who begin their sentences with “but”, will always have something to say. However, the essential differences are summed up as; we are face to face with a change in the state's mind that will get rid of those “buts”. Saying “This problem of ours is still waiting to be resolved” is one thing and saying “Everything in Turkey is like the old days” is another.

In a country, where problems stay the same for a long time (as if time had completely stopped) and even got worse, it can be difficult to perceive that the denial and assimilation period of Kurds, Armenians and other “others” is over. Because the biggest damage we've suffered in the past was towards our feeling of trust. For me, rather than the returning of 353 foundation properties worth billions of Turkish Liras and other optimizations, the mentality behind it, in other words, the New Turkey ethics is more valuable. It's even more important to know whether this change is cyclical or related with the core.

The critical point that should be understood here is; this process is an irrepressible paradigm change. All the problem-creating practices of the Old Turkey and the 20th Century had consumed themselves as a paradigm and had been imprisoned by history. The sick mentality behind Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's opposition to the Foundations Law, as AK Party was trying to pass it through the Parliament, and the fact that he had taken this law to the Constitutional Court by saying “Privileges are being given to foreigners”, managed to survive against this hurricane of change only for a couple of years. Today, for whatever reason, CHP can nominate an Armenian as a parliamentarian candidate from the top spot.

This is what I'm trying to say. AK Party, as a movement carrying out this change in politics, is applying the democratization pressure on the opposition. Expression superiority and paradigm enforcement dispatched these types of bureaucratic, distinguished clubs to resistance. After this resistance had been broken by the nation's pressure and AK Party's firm stance, and since a coup is not possible, they are trying to become strong by convincing the nation that they've become democratized and animate the Old Turkey.

Whatever. The change doesn't always progress with principles. CHP and others will be forced to adapt to democracy and forget that they've being trying to engage in deception. Because every organism that wants to survive is required to adapt to the changing environmental conditions.

It's not possible for us Armenians to live like 1915 happened yesterday. We cannot create meaningful relations with our surroundings by constantly changing the past into yesterday. On the contrary, out of respect to the people we've lost in 1915, we need to start the belated mourning of our great sorrow with the contributions of our Muslim brothers and end it. Two important condolences had opened the doors for us. Now, the word Armenian is not an insult. On April 24th, we will calm our restless souls by organizing a spiritual ritual in churches for our losses.

But if we act as though the conditions haven't been changed, then life will change us. However, we have many other precious values that we should cherish. In my opinion, the most meaningful way of facing our mutual losses in history, like 1915, in showing respect towards it and cherishing those memories is; to build a strong/democratic country, where Turks, Kurds, Laz, Armenians, Muslims and non-Muslims can live freely and comfortably.

Let us end the article with the saying of the surviving people towards the Great Catastrophe, and let this be for all our sorrows and losses…

Let those days go away and don't let them return….


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