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Selling peace in the West, selling war in the East…

It seems that PKK has started their election campaigns/conflicts in the Diyadin district of Ağrı. The PKK cortege, which participated in the “spring fest” with ten thousand ammos, targeted four of our gendarmerie forces (whom we can also refer to as the Rural Police following the new regulation) that “shouldn't be there” and wounded them.

You already know the times, when we lost many of our citizens due to the “celebration” shootings during weddings and various celebrations…. If you look at HDP, CHP and MHP, instead of securing the lives of our citizens, they should have prepared informative public spots directed at PKK members in TRT Şeş and other TV Channels, and, underline the importance of education on the matter of undesired accidents.

Advertiser Ali Turan could have done a great job in this matter. It would have been extremely effective to see Demirtaş, Kılıçdaroğlu and Bahçeli coming up to the screen consecutively, direct their Kalashnikovs to the citizens and say “Think before you pull the trigger”. And in the last scene all together shout out “Fire your guns for peace”. However, there should be a kerchiefed young/elder woman, a peasant aunt/uncle, a young/elder woman without a kerchief, kids looking at the secularist future of the country with shimmery eyes, a notary voucher in Kılıçdaroğlu's hand, a “biscuit” in Bahçeli's hand and a Saz in Demirtaş's hand. However, there is one thing that is a must; Münch's “Scream” painting in the background.

For God's sake, who are they fooling?

The senior mind, who is trying to make a time machine out of CHP in order to return to Old Turkey, clearly seems to have started it's HDP-centered PR activities for the upcoming elections. MHP is also providing logistical support. As for CHP; they are the loser of these elections, if we are to look at the sharp change of attitude in the Doğan/Gülen-led group's media. So much so that, HDP should nibble CHP with a pack of lies and media's real bending powers; the same applies for MHP towards AK Party. Anyhow, they have no burdens like political principles, authenticity, consistency or responsibility against the nation. The flood is coming after the elections. It's only a fake peace/democracy screening before the flood.

As long as the maximum damage is dealt to obviate New Turkey.

Can there be another explanation to HDP and MHP leaders' assailant and “beneficiary” language towards TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) following the Diyadin attack of PKK? Instead of reprimanding the attack by saying “What are you doing? I will be asking the votes of the parents of these youngsters you are trying to kill. Why are you landing a blow on the Resolution Process?” to PKK, who raided the spring fest with ammo enough to battle for days and wounded four Gendarmerie privates, and making a get-well visit to the wounded soldiers together with Davutoğlu, HDP Co-Chairman Demirtaş is saying that TSK and AK Party had prepared the platform for this.

As if the point in question is not Ağrı, but Iraq, Syria. As if Qandil had kept their promise and retreated on May 8, 2013, and TSK chased them outside the borders. As if the HDP Co-Chairman didn't make a calling just a couple months ago, which caused the incidents where 52 of our citizens were savagely slaughtered. As if he is not the one who even considered saying sorry for the loss of 52 citizens to be too much.

Who knows what kind of a drifting the MHP leader, who didn't speak or allow anybody to speak ill of TSK until today, is experiencing. But it's enough for him to state, with almost exact words HDP Co-Chairman, that this might be planning based on the elections. While it's clear that such planning is referring to TSK, presenting such approach shows that the HDP/MHP leaders are actualizing the “strategy of appealing to war”, which they are trying to inflict on AK Party, themselves.

All these things we are dealing with!

Neither HDP, nor MHP, nor CHP are making politics in their naturalness. Actually, they are not even doing politics, their tactic is to make the nation believe that they are. When the senior mind's pressure over CHP is lifted off as a necessity of the new strategy, CHP showed the tendency to clear the parallel members within itself and steered towards more real political preferences. When they did so, all the spin-doctors of the Doğan/Gülen-led group consortium started to discredit CHP and praise HDP. MHP is also popular because now they possess a useful function.

These gestures are not politics. Just designs… engineering. They shouldn't fool anyone, after all, they can't. According to the conjuncture, HDP could make a civil war calling, and if necessary, can act as the flower child, there is no difference. It's the same for MHP. For the first time in history, you see MHP getting closer to HDP's line against TSK. Can all of this be natural?

Is there any other explanation for HDP members to give family bliss photos with the media CEOs and spin-doctors, who were saying “the best Kurd is a dead Kurd” until yesterday, at the media plazas in İstanbul and Diyarbakır?

Is there any historical, conscientious, principal and rational explanation for HDP to take the votes of the Kurdish citizens, given towards the 150-year old peace dream, and exchanging it for war in Istanbul plazas? Is it hard to see that this is an “Old Turkey Coalition”?

Yes, there might be… that is the reason for the existence of New Turkey's enemies.

This nation sees the artificial game/coalition, and they are having these parties, with their current conditions, enter the elections for the last time.


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