Separating Turks and Kurds from each other… - MARKAR ESAYAN

Separating Turks and Kurds from each other…

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) governments have always given priority to the rightful claims of our Kurdish citizens. However, the outlawed PKK and the established order organization itself managed to overlay the Kurdish and PKK issue. The social legitimacy needed would be produced from there.

It would become clear in time that these two issues had been affecting each other, but they are different.

In the Kurdish initiative and the reconciliation process after that, it gradually emerged that there is no meaningful overlap between the demands of Kurds and those of the outlawed PKK.

If the problem is the unacceptable violence, suppression and assimilation practices of the old state against Kurds, the AK Party governments started serious reforms on this issue. Both legally and in practice, the denial of Kurds and the Kurdish language has been disregarded. Serious steps were taken to lay down arms in the reconciliation process with Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the organization, currently imprisoned on İmralı Island.

In this situation, if the aim of the PKK is the rights requests of Kurds, in an environment where politics is strengthened, ignorance is ended and, on the path to solve the other problems, civilian/peaceful ways are as open as they have never been before, the organization should settle the civil and political channels this process formed over the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), namely lay down arms.

After the statements of the PKK/Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) administrators in person, for example from the statements of Murat Karayılan just after the June 7 elections, we learned that the PKK was never happy with the idea of the reconciliation process and it actually planned to wage war against Turkey as of 2012.

Karayılan said they were caught unprepared and frankly could not oppose Abdullah Öcalan, and said: “We are sorry, we made a mistake.”

At this point we can see how the expectations, aims and worlds of the Kurdish people and PKK and HDP differ from each other.

Kurds living in the southeast and eastern Anatolia are already aware of this difference, because they have been experiencing it every day.

But the tactics of the PKK and the party under its command to present their own aims as the expectations of Kurdish citizens, more truly their methods to enforce them differed with the civil war in Syria.

Daesh's attack has been used as a lever to Kobani to poison the attempt to make Turks and Kurds embrace each other again with their common history, traditions and values and the equal/democratic citizenship vision.

Accusing the AK Party and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of helping Daesh has been used to provoke the necessary racist anxiety to forever separate Turks and Kurds.

This was a direct attack on the common values uniting Turks and Kurds.

In the October 6-8 Kobani riot, pious Kurds being targeted by the

PKK/Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) was a trap to enter a point of no return.

In neither the riot attempts on October 6-8, nor on July 22 did our Kurdish citizens indulge the PKK or HDP.

It would not be incorrect to look at the burning of Kurşunlu Mosque, a 500-year-old place of worship in the Sur district, from this perspective.

Immediately accusing the government of the murder of Diyarbakır Bar Association head Tahir Elçi and setting the mosque on fire have the same aim.

As a lie generator, the HDP has been implementing Goebbels-style tactics. HDP Co-Chair Figen Yüksekdağ's slanderous claim in the group speech, that the state bombed the mosque from the air, was proven wrong by camera records.

The arsonist YDG-H terrorists are clearly seen there. Moreover a mosque's being bombed from the air without any damage to the domes and only being damaged from the inside refutes this lie on its own.

The PKK and its extension party have no agenda in favor of the Kurds.

It is seen that they are part of a bigger, non-native plan. Since Kurds and Turks see this they will not succeed.

That is why the dose of their slander has increased so much.


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