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Sovereignty belongs to the nation unconditionally

When the recent history of Turkey becomes written text, one of the most distinctive milestones will be the referendum for a constitutional amendment in 2007 that allowed the nation to elect their President.

If you remember 2007, the guardianship forces got quite naughty.

From the TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) to the press, from the universities to senior judicial institutions, everyone had been put on alert, and moves, which were outside democracy, had been activated in order to prevent the candidate of AK Party from being elected in the Parliament.

The visible reason of the objection was the “headscarf”. The wife of the prospective President was wearing a headscarf, and, this was being evaluated as capitulating the “laicism” principle. This justification, which we find “meaningless” and “indefensible” now, was being regarded as extremely defensible seven years ago, even by the liberal/left-wing academicians…

However, I’ve never thought that this was the actual reason. Of course, the headscarf was effective as a lever; however, the main reason was the fact that this would be paving the way for this critical position to be directly connected to the willpower of the nation.

The Presidency, like the senior judicial institutions, was the castle of the bureaucratic/oligarchic government. Having no contact with the nation was its most “critical” feature. So to say, Çankaya was oxidized by the oligarchy.

As a matter of fact, the Constitutional Court was about to create the 367 fantasy following CHP’s application, which is the representative of the bureaucratic government in the Parliament.

A chaos arose, and it had been beneficial. Following their triumph in the elections on July 22 , which had been scheduled to an earlier time, the government conducted a constitutional amendment, and it was decided that the President would be elected by the nation. Thus, the Presidency, which is one of the most important institutions where sovereignty is being assigned, had been directly connected to the willpower of the nation. One of the most radical revolutions in the history of the Republic had been actualized. The people, who are missing the Old Turkey now, might even be thinking like; “If only things didn’t turn out like this and a woman wearing a headscarf would have been elected as the President”.

After all, permuting/overthrowing a person is always easier than persuading a massive nation.

What the people, who want to turn the gathering of the Ministerial Cabinet by Erdoğan (despite this being his constitutional right) into chaos, say and also their justifications are not so far-fetched.

The actual root of their anxiety is the fact that the Presidency had become the center of macro politics and connected to the willpower of the nation….

In the past 12/13 years, Turkey bore witness to a government, which conducted democratic restorations within the oligarchic government structure. With countless democratic steps, the bureaucratic/oligarchic government had been modified in the countenance of the democratic one. An area cleaning had been done. Thus, we call this process “slow revolution”.

By using the legislative power and the legitimacy of the elections during the uprising crises, a firm road cleaning had been done. With patience, the guardianship regime had been undermined. Politics became stronger, reputation triumphed, and the self-confidence of the public had been restored. For the first time, we experienced a construction process that progressed from the bottom up, not top to bottom.

As for the elections in June 2015, it would provide the opportunity for opening the doors of a radical government reform to the public. Because of this, the new constitution, Resolution Process and war against the parallel structure are crucial.

The matter is not about what the name of the system will be; it is about, as it had been in the past 12 years, constructing the demands of the nation from the bottom up.

Even the ones, who know the US the best, will have a hard time figuring out the political system and understanding it. They are right, because, this complicated system had been manifested in a couple of centuries according to the needs of the nation and the steps taken in the crises. It’s unique to the US nation and their history.

Today, there are people that evaluate the election of the President, who possesses strong authorities, and the parliament by the nation as an “anomaly”. As my precious legal expert friend, Mehmet Uçum, ascertained, evaluating the precious point, which we arrived at with the help of the unique democracy struggle, as an “anomaly” would be unfair.

This doesn’t change the fact that the regime possesses systematic problems. However, I also think that the evolutionary process would be meeting the needs of that country in the best way possible. In other words, this approach is based on the demands of the nation while solving the problem we encounter in the natural flow of life, rather than solving it via imposition from the top to the bottom.

The greatest success of the government is the fact that they had prioritized this in the past.

The magic formula lies in having all government bodies linked directly to the willpower of the nation.  The only way to reform the system that produces a guardianship is by not only focusing on the Parliament or Presidency, but rather, opening all the institutions of the government to the nation and their votes.

The result might be incomprehensible for some; however, as long as it serves our purpose, there are no problems.


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