The PKK has been deciphered … - MARKAR ESAYAN

The PKK has been deciphered …

It is true that we went through many tribulations during the reconciliation process. Three decades of clashes, some 50,000 people dead, the state of the 1990s JİTEM (Gendarmerie Intelligence and Counterterrorism Organization) executions in white Toros vehicles, the burning of villages, mass migrations, the great economic and identity tragedies experienced by our Kurdish citizens who amassed on the outskirts of metropolitan cities…

They were people stuck between the PKK and the cold cases of the former state… Their identity, language and culture banned…

In the west of the country, the martyr funerals coming to the homes of poor Turks created a different prejudice, with newspapers such as Hürriyet, which plastered PKK terror onto the Kurdish identity. The fury of Kurds toward the state and Turks toward the PKK did not turn into racism, thanks to our people's sagacity. Yet it caused enough damage with regard to living together.

Hence, there would be many obstacles on the path of the player who would set off to completely eradicate this problem; that much was for sure.

Before anything, we knew that “some” did not want the PKK problem to be solved. PKK terror, like a skeleton key, opened all doors and kept the military/civil tutelage strong and civil politics weak.

Thus, when PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan decided to unconditionally take PKK terrorists outside the borders, the “military state officials” who visited him said, “If you lay down arms, the state will not take you seriously. At least keep 500 armed PKK members in the country.”

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) primarily attached great importance to providing social support.

Despite all that pain, the price paid, the people, both Turkish and Kurdish, highly supported the process, because they no longer wanted to sacrifice their children. They put their faith in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. They came to understand how difficult a task it was and that leaders like Turgut Özal and Necmettin Erbakan were prevented while on this mission, and that the background of it all was nothing like Hürriyet and others explained.

It wasn't for nothing that Leyla Zana said, “This can only be solved by the strongest. I am confident that [then] Prime Minister Erdoğan will solve this problem.” It was the first time in history that many factors had come together: A strong leadership, courage and strong public support behind this leadership.

The concentration of this power was essential, because there would be great obstacles. Without adequate determination, the people's support and a leadership vision, this task had become almost impossible.

However, the real big obstacle was not at the state or personal level, but the PKK.

Examples of Ireland, Spain and South Africa were thus far from guiding us in our process. The PKK is nothing like the IRA, ETA or ANC.

An immoral organization that lies as much as the PKK, independent of the interests of Kurds, that has used the lives of Kurdish youth and civilians to subcontract for almost all intelligence organizations around the world, is not common in world history.

The immoral attitude of both the PKK and the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the killing of our esteemed friend Tahir Elçi was the latest and most sorrowful example of this.

We are talking about an organization that constantly tells lies and is ready to offer itself to any customer, including the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) as a blood-spitting tool, independent of ideological accord or any principle.

Hence, the greatest gain of the reconciliation process is that this subject has been recognized in all aspects and the addressee can be the people alone.

While the PKK's civil war model collapsed with the state's response to terrorism after July 22, the HDP's plan to create an administration void in the country also collapsed on November 1. Therefore Öcalan and the reconciliation process were remembered again. For peace? No, simply to take a breather, gather itself and get back to the evil plan.

PKK military leader Cemil Bayık recently confessed that Öcalan, who was suddenly remembered, really had no influence over the organization. It is also said that the reconciliation process should be back on the table and discussions should be held with Öcalan. They have no concerns such as consistency, honesty and good intention anyway. But what's happened cannot be considered to have not happened. The PKK has been deciphered. The new process shall be formed in another modality and through this experience.

What is required of the PKK at this point is to take its weapons and leave the country.


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