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The presidential system; the story's happy ending

The persistent degradation of Erdoğan’s identity during the Presidential System debate was not the result of naivety; it was a conscious choice… For years the reactionist alliance has carefully constructed Erdogan hatred, in that period this functioned as mask to cover his transformative and revolutionary impact for which ever reform was being done. Since this is an engineering of perception, this implied the arrogance of trying to create an authority over people’s thoughts.

That is in reality, the people who targeted Erdoğan and Davutoğlu’s identity knew that this period in favor of the public, involved a democratic transformation. The presidential system is an inherent ending for this country’s democratization story. They also know that the Reconciliation Process is an unavoidable and unmatched project.

Fethullah Gülen also knows this along with Kemal Kilicdaroglu. So does Devlet Bahçeli, Selahattin Demirtaş and now, local and foreign, whoever, inferior/superior minds, all of them know.

There is no need to make a fool out of anyone. While saying, “Don’t insult my intelligence,” we must show the same “respect” to others. We must not abruptly come to a conclusion calling someone “naïve”.

Everyone knows why and what they are doing. And everyone very well knows right from wrong.

Everyone knows that if in a short time Turkey does not transform its government to shut off from tutelage and open for the people’s will, then this period will not be permanently institutionalized.

In this sense, Erdoğan being chosen as a target does not mean that he is leaning towards dictatorship; on the contrary, it means he is not leaning towards dictatorship.

The public’s demands, etc. don’t carry too much of an importance on how Turkey is governed. What is important is the continuing of the tutelage one way or another. This happened, yesterday with the neo-nationalist, today it happens through the seemingly religious parallel state, and tomorrow a C type gladio could be formed: it doesn’t matter. If need be, they place a dictator with blood on his hands like Sissi on a pedestal. Erdogan won nine elections when needed. The man who started the brightest peace project of the world and not just Turkey’s, Erdogan, is being declared a dictator: again, it does not matter.

This can only be prevented when the constitution is reformed where three freedoms are given to the public, and a governorship that cannot be conquered by a set of groups.

With the Erdoğan hatred and dictator fallacies, the significance of this historic step/door is trying to be camouflaged.

The way out from times of tutelag is by the leader using the powers he collected (government concentration) for democratization. Impossible peace projects, like the Reconciliation Process, reach success when strong leaders decide to dink the “hemlock poison”.

This is a calculation of the balance of power.

In this sense, the demonization of Erdoğan was critically functional for two reasons:

To turn the process upside down by reducing the powers that were accumulated by Erdoğan and the decreasing of government concentration. 

In order to pry the eyes of the process’ historical importance by loading up the argument over one person. 

Three coup attempts have been experienced in the three and a half years that the Reconciliation Process began. I am not even counting the big or little provocations. 

The Gezi crisis, December 17/25 coup attempt, October 6-8 bid…

Is it possible to say that these happened coincidentally? Of course not. They are starting the peace process that will change not only Turkey, but the Middle East and beyond. Maybe what was actually being implied by saying “It will take a thousand years” on February 28 was in fact a way to say that the new tutelage that was prepared by a supposedly religious congregation is being seized by the collar and tossed…

With the Reconciliation Process and the new government (like Turkey’s presidential) system, Turkey will be rid of the threat of fascism/tutelage and attain its freedom to the fullest.

It is apparent that these two steps are going to turn the 100-year Sykes-Picot order upside down and create a new paradigm in the Middle East.

This is the reason for the nightmares of the last two years. At the same time, the greatest evidence of being on the right path.


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