The world will have to shake the hand it could not bend… - MARKAR ESAYAN

The world will have to shake the hand it could not bend…

For almost two months as the deputy candidate for Istanbul's 2nd Region with the other 87 precious deputy candidates and with our party organization, we've been conducting fieldwork for the election.

I suppose I have been living the most precious experiences in my life during this process. Especially meeting with the voluntary people in our party organization has brought me phenomenal happiness. The AK Party organization, together with the main structure, its Women and Youth organizations, has actually been almost the epitome of the voters.

We are talking about the largest civil society movement in the world. It is a great honor for me to be in such a civil movement with at least an experience of forty years, in the last 13 years; not only changing Turkey, but also the region and becoming a hope for the oppressed.

This movement, that didn't have a relation with violence, formed the intelligence and power of solving the problems with politics, and by transmitting this power to the government and their leaders paved the way for the country, almost wrote a legend.

Also now, the AK Party organization, in the leadership of the President, the Prime Minister and the government, is toiling not only for its own party but also for the success, rest and rise of entire Turkey.

A person thinks whatever is done is not enough for this country, when he sees those voluntary people in the party organization, who interrupted their treatment, left their patients in the intensive care unit to their neighbors, and have not seen their children for two months, have been working with three or four hours of sleep a day.

I had a chance once more, but this time more closely, to confirm that AK Party's success comes from a strong leadership, strong party organization and strong public support.

While walking in the bazaar in Florya, almost all the porters, one by one, came to me and requested taking a photo with me. But their actual request from me was to deliver the love they had and the support they gave to our President and Prime Minister.

The politicalawarenessof our people is so deep that, our people are so commonsensical and erudite that, if we really assist them, it is enough.

My porter brothers told me, while they were carrying the goods of the rich customers on their back the whole day, they were having political discussions and trying to convince them.

I asked “Are they convinced", they said “It is not important whether they are convinced or not, we only want to express them the views of our party."

Our voters are aware of the big game and these elections are not ordinary.

The reason why AK Party is trying hard for these elections is because they are quite aware of the fact that this process is a coup process in the package of politics.

Rather than AK Party's winning the election, the problem is with very strong public support delivering the entire world the message that they will not allow this coup. That is why besides winning the election, with the strongest possible way, delivering the message of the people to the world by getting one more vote forms the real motivation.

The political parties, CHP, MHP and HDP, the terror organization PKK, the parallel organization, the outlawed DHKP-C, Doğan media and small socialist groups, in order to waylay this public movement and by weakening AK Party for a retrogressive counter revolution, were mobilized by the superior mind. They will have the same end with those parties, groups and “shakers" disrespecting the public willpower.

But of course for a new, clean, native opposition to emerge, the process of this treachery and corruption has to be completed. They are not parties, either the legal face of a terror organization or the guardianship club…

It can be thought that this truth can be hidden by the make-ups and bluster of the parallel/ Doğan media. My determination in the field is that; our people had already well solved who is who and does what.

Since they already very well know the political end that is waiting for them, they have formed an alliance and exaggerating the power ascribed to them because they are fools; they were seized by the belief “This time we will defeat AK Party".

Already, the real problem is not telling something to the AK Party base. We'd better only listen to them.

The real problem is as if a natural election process is going on. For example, HDP is a Kurdish party, MHP is a nationalist party, CHP is as the main opposition party; the voters for the other parties effected by the perception operation of the media must see the big picture.

Especially those who will vote for HDP can feel themselves very terrible when they are alone with a PKK that says, “We exceeded 10 per cent and we count this as an approval for autonomy".

It is really impossible to understand MHP. Which one is more patriot?: MHP bankrupting the country in 2001 crisis and being unable to stand abandoned the government or AK Party rising as a world power from the rubble they left? Which one is more nationalist?: An AK Party building tanks, helicopters, combat ships and kicking IMF out of the country or MHP dancing the halay arm in arm with the parallel organization?

Our people see everything. They will have an explicit answer to those who want to drag this country into the darkness of the old Turkey on June 7.

That's the sign I got from the field, from thousands of people. A good period will be opened for our country. With the new constitution and the presidential system the change will be permanent, the willpower of the people will constitute the basis. The world will have to shake hands with the New Turkey.

They will shake hands with the owner of the hand they could not bend…


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