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Possible scenarios about the future of Turkey-US ties

Four weeks have passed since the U.S. November 3rd election results crystallized.The question we asked four weeks ago right after it became clear that Joe Biden had won the election is still valid today.That question was the following: What type of a... more

Can Turkey’s relations with Europe, US be revived?

Turkey is going through a process that topped agendas with a statement President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made in the second week of November: “We are launching a reform in the economy and law.”So to speak, we have set off on a new path.We know that in t... more

News of victory from Karabakh

In October 1998 as a young reporter I traveled to Azerbaijan to conduct a study on the Baku-ceyhan pipeline, which was still in the stage of being a project. Back in those days, Baku was not the sleek and dapper city it is today because the country’s... more

Ankara’s expectations from the Biden administration

The results of the election held Tuesday were finalized only Saturday, and Democrat candidate Joe Biden was declared the 46th U.S. president. The first order of congratulations for Biden’s election victory from Turkey was interestingly extended by ma... more

Will Biden turn over a new leaf with Erdogan?

Yesterday, as the deadline for submitting this column was about to run out, nothing was yet final about the results of the U.S. elections.But the chances of Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning against Republican candidate Donald Trump were looking... more

How Macron's war against Islam fuels a climate of hatred

On Thursday an assailant killed three people with a knife near the Church of Notre Dame in the French port city of Nice. Let there be no doubt that this brutal attack terrified the Muslim population the most and for this there are two reasons:The fir... more

UAE’s spy games in Turkey

Five days ago Reuters news agency reported that the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) captured an agent who had been spying in the name of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We learned the details of the news from an article published the... more

Is Turkey’s S-400 system ready for take-off?

Last year, upon returning from a trip overseas I asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan a question related to the Russian S-400s. Back then the talk of the day was whether the missile defense systems purchased from Russia were purposely being ... more

How was Macron’s Turkish message perceived in Ankara?

When I saw the tweet that French President Emmanuel Macron posted in Turkish in the early hours of the morning, I too, like everyone else, did a little double-take.I wonder what our “Little Napoleon” was trying to do?Did he have an epiphany all of a ... more

What do France’s sanction threats signify for Ankara?

Upon the publication of my Monday column, in which I discussed the impacts of the tensions between Turkey and France in various fields, I received an intriguing message from a former state official.In their message, they touched on the criticality of... more


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